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Comment by Catherine Frances
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Pathetic but what do you expect? The same gangsters who made false promises to get us out of a WAR with a country that never attacked us!

When you have your own President Bush who calls himself a Conservative (NOT!), a Christian (NOT!) and who calls the CONSTITUTION nothing but a #$% piece of paper... give me a break! He is not even for real gun rights with the latest garbage that he signed that was pushed through with HR 2640. He even said he would sign another AW Ban if presented to him!

You can call a NWO R Neo Con Artist a traitor and you can call a NWO D Neo Liberal Artist a traitor too!

Same old - same old!

VOTE Ron Paul.

Catherine - Montana

Comment by Harold Provins
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This isn't the first time & it won't be the last,there
is alot of those people up there that should be hung for treason.

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