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Comment by Powell Gammill
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One wonders why they were not separately going door to door, since they could cover the houses in the affected area in a third the time. Something generally considered critical in a gas leak. Kaboom!

Perhaps it was the recent purchase of a bottle of Febreze at Fry**Q**s detected by the NSA/Homeland Security**Q**s computers and relayed via the DEA to the Phoenix PD for investigation.

Comment by Terry Bressi
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If you wanted to followup, you could request a copy of the police report or dispatch record associated with the alleged anonymous report of strange smells that prompted three cops to show up on your property.

If they balk at giving you a copy (assuming one exists) then the State Open Records Law can be invoked.

If they claim such a report doesn**Q**t exist, you could request a copy of their departmental guidelines for generating police reports to determine under what circumstances police reports and/or dispatch records are required to be generated....

Comment by Chip Saunders
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It sounds like the SOP for checking houses that are reported (by **QQ**someone**QQ**) to be eminating smells associated with covert drug labs.

It doesn**Q**t mean that Phx. P.D. is in on it. Someone may have taken it upon themselves to harrass you, and is using their ability to report annonymously to get Phx. P.D. to do it for them. It COULD be as simple as someone who doesn**Q**t know what welding smells like calling in that there**Q**s a lab next door!

Comment by Bill Koehler
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They were looking for a meth lab.

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