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Comment by Clifford Webb
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yea...i hate to see this Zionist propaganda being perpetuated here....

Comment by Mike Shipley
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More divide and conquer... it doesn't matter what his religion is... What matters is that he's CFR......

Comment by Brian Simpson
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Great dis-information campaign- please if you are going to attempt to completely destroy someone's reputation give me a little something more than empty rhetoric

Comment by Jasper Spatic
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Less you believe this stuff, check out other claims by Loren Davis.

Public education is a satanic conspiracy… that involved pretty much everyone other than those people who agree with Loren Davis.
"Satan is a deceiver. He comes with many different masks: atheism, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, Communism, public educational institutions, Hollywood and the New Age to name just a few."

Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are part of an anti-Christian conspiracy led from within Christianity by preacher Rick Warren.
"THE DEMOCRATIC CANDIDATES FOR PRESIDENT HILLARY CLINTON AND BARAK OBAMA SPOKE AT RICK WARREN'S SADDLE BACK CHURCH. Why? What does having the politicians speaking at his church have anything to do with bringing people to Christ and faith in the Bible?… Hillary Clinton's book, "It takes a Village to Raise a Child", is a socialistic concept. Her national health plan is SOCIALIZED MEDICINE. Is Rick Warren's promotion of these politicians just coincidental, or indicative of their common socialistic agenda? Rick Warren himself baptized a homosexual activist. This is defying the Bible."

Even most people who call themselves Christians are part of a secret satanic plot to destroy Jesus when he returns to Earth.

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