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Comment by Bruce Barton
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This is the same argument made over 40 years ago in Southeast Asia - a .223 round from an M-16 versus a .306 round from an M-14

In Iraq? I'll take the .306 thank you.

Comment by Harold Provins
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Just like the boneheads don't listen to the people
that is using the product.

Comment by Geoffrey Hayes
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This argument is old as mud. The wizdom of the old hunters, prevails. Use enough gun is not just
a catch-phrase. Personally, for the type of door-
kicking room-to-room close combat being encounterd, give me an automatic 12 gauge shotgun! We love OO Buckshot! It's good for carom-shots off floors, and around corners, too.

Comment by Brock Lorber
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Bird, prowler, bad guy in the hall, 12 gauge beats them all.

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