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Comment by Catherine Frances
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Yes. He should have run as an Independent (FIRST CHOICE!) or as a Libertarian. Heck, even the Constitution Party wanted him to run! I KNOW that for a fact!

I was for PAUL back in 1988. I wanted him this time around. I feel that he did NOT fight back hard enough to try to get some COVERAGE when the mass media tried to block him OUT.

Why the heck he wants to get some neo CON artists or so called Republicans to form something else is beyond me!

The Rs and the Ds are NOT what they were many years ago. LESSER of the EVILS is STILL EVIL. They agree in so many things with slight differences.

They are NWO control freaks that care more about their globalist views than the USA! They LOVE to shred the Constitution and you know what GWB called it, eh?

Personally, it was a sad day for me MANY months ago when RON did NOT fight back. This proves what I told some people what would happen.

The R PARTY can**Q**t stand Dr. Paul and has screwed him. The mass media screwed him along with Dennis K. WHY Paul wants to remain a R is beyond me! ONLY his Texas R people like him as Dr. NO!

The R Party LEFT many of us years ago. They LEFT REAL gun and freedom lovers. They LEFT what they stood for many years ago and became something mighty STRANGE!

They left the Constitution and they shredded it when they supported national and foreign policies that any freedom lover would fight AGAINST and mourn.

Personally... I am upset with Paul. I am FED UP and upset with politics in general. I am fed up with the SHEEP that vote for these NWO control freaks in ANY PARTY. They are traitors to the Constitution and traitors to this REPUBLIC.

Catherine - Montana

Comment by Mike Shipley
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Excellent Post!

Comment by Jerry Alexander
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Would someone with a better idea,please step up.
What are you two posters doing to make America a better place...NOTHING BUT TALK...WHO NEED MORE TALK?

Comment by Steven Kreiser
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Dr. Paul has NOT betrayed his supporters one iota.

He has seen what the Cons have been doing to his Delegates at the state conventions so he sees that he will NOT be able to pull an Abe Lincoln.

Starting this Campaign for Liberty is great because it will help to get Paul-like politicians elected. It is NOT necessarily just Republicans that this new group will raise funds for.

I will raise funds for any Liberty minded person running for office if they are in line with Dr. Paul**Q**s beliefs and his supporter**Q**s beliefs.

This is even better than the Presidency since now we will have people in the Senate and House that will vote with Dr. Paul. At least he will have people that he can work with and as a group they can get the other Representatives to vote more Constitutionally.

ONLY A Doctor WILL HEAL Our Country,

PS: We are keeping our signs up because even if Dr. Paul is NOT running any more our signs are still correct because they say **QQ**Ron Paul, Hope for America, Be a part of it**QQ**.

Forming this new group is still Hope for America and probably even more than just the Presidency.

Comment by Ed Vallejo
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Excellent take on the situation Powell.

Bottom line: The R3VOLUTION has been roiling under the surface for a long time now - it has only recently overcome it**Q**s fear of the **Q**powers that be**Q** and picked up it**Q**s banner and shown it**Q**s face in public.

Don**Q**t stop now.

Join us at San Tan Flat in Queen Creek June 18th and see for yourself that **QQ**The R3VOLUTION isn**Q**t all just about Ron Paul anymore!**QQ**

Comment by Ducati Jeanne
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Wow! Powell, thank you for bringing the obvious conclusion to us in an easy to read format!
The portion of your excellent article that struck me right between the eyes is entered below:

The R3VOLution**Q**s strength was from its spontaneously chaotic uncontrolled action from individuals conceiving of some action and then carrying it out with or without others assistance. Nothing can stop that. In fact, it makes it more fun if someone tries.

No one controls the R3VOLution except you. You either continue to participate in those things you think will promote your liberty or you don**Q**t. You now know you can. You know how. You know you are not alone. You know the bad guys are not going to just allow you to express yourself. You know how much fun it is when you do something and the authoritays object. You know how much punch you can get for little cost while making the bad guys spend capital.

Now the question is are you willing to keep it up? Since Ron Paul**Q**s campaign is over, I think I will go out and hang a Ron Paul sign. Not to support Ron Paul**Q**s campaign. But to let the bad guys know it ain**Q**t over until everyone agrees it is over. And I am not finished.

Claire Wolfe wisely wrote a great collection of books centered around the theme that it is too late to change things, but too early to shoot the bastards. The R3VOLution is what you do while you wait for the revolution. To let the bad guys know you know. To let others know they are not alone in their doubts. To overtly provide examples of what to do for the imitators. To inspire. To continually ask the question, **Q**is it time yet?**Q**

So please support Dr. Paul in his new endeavors if you wish. Or sit back and lurk. Or as I hope, continue to do your own R3VOLution. In the end it was always about you: your life, your liberty and your property. You choose. Welcome to the party.

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