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Dear Friends, Jim Cabaniss, President of American Veterans in Domestic Defense (AVIDD), sent me one of the most startling e-mails recently, with three of the most thought-provoking questions that I have ever had anyone ask that I would like to sh

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Comment by M. Steffen
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The problem is that for several generations, ministers and most people who call themselves Christian, have been worshiping government.
I hear them call C-Span, saying, I am this wonderful Christian and I want politicians to steal from the rich to buy me what I want. They say it kind of differently but that is what they are asking for.
The only solution is to worship God.
More than 40 years ago I was frantic and sick over not having enough money to live on, and I finally turned it over to God, and almost immediately received the solution and have never had that problem since.

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