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Comment by TL Winslow
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Once again a lovely Lendman article throwing mud at the wall and hoping some will stick to earn his Arab paycheck :) 

The gist as always is that Israel is bad and must go, and lovely Islam is bad and must take over. Maybe the Islam history ignoramus U.S. did underestimate Islam and once encourage Islamists in their chess game against Communism, that don't delegitimize Israel. He claims that the horrible Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood must be given power now? Sure he does. Did he mention that it wants to scrap the peace treaty with Israel and prepare for another war?

Good list of articles on the MB and its hatred of Israel:

Too bad for Lendmane, even if Egypt attacks Israel again, it will lose again, because Islam makes Egyptians into ignorant backward dummies who don't know which end of a gun to point without instructions because it ain't in the Quran. Sorry, Lendman, but Israel is here to stay, it's you that shall pass.

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