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Comment by Hugo Tellez
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 Already with the smear camaign..

Comment by Ducati Jeanne
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Activist/Reporter checking in:

I attended CPAC and I'm here to say the RON PAUL R3VOLUTION was alive and in full force.  Honestly, I could feel the 3VOL energy in the very air of the place!

I hooked up with many excellent people from all over the United States. Old dear friends and more new friends.  We exchanged contact information, ideas, and plans for future events.  Freedom/Liberty brings us all together.

Once again The Phoenix contingent at CPAC didn't disappoint, we had signs and banners and NOT MY DEBT balloons, RP $20's, 2 excellent flyers, really fancy  RP silver conversion cards,  RP buttons and FREEDOMS PHOENIX "We Know The Truth" cards were given out everywhere. We were everywhere!

I hope to have photos soon. 

Best regards, 





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