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Comment by TL Winslow (21344)
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"They lost everything: their homeland, freedom, and chance to live peacefully because Israel and its Washington paymaster won't tolerate it - not then, not now, not ever unless forced."

Wow, them peaceful innocent Amish sure are being kicked down by them horrible evil Nazi Israelis - what planet are you from?

There never were any such thing as Palestinians, just Arabs, mainly Bedouins, who could travel anywhere they wanted in the Ottoman empire, until it was militarily defeated by the Allies, and Jerusalem occupied by the British, after which the resurgent fundamentalist Islamist movement that wants to restore the caliphate has been using them as pawns in its chess game of ousting Israel and the U.S., indeed all non-Muslims so that it can create a nuclear-armed caliphate then declare merciless jihad once again and terrorize the entire non-Muslim world. Until Jews began migrating en mass in the 1880s Palestine was a hellhole, and would be again if they left, little better than Cairo, where the new Hitler al-Qaradawi has returned to call for a new jihad against Israel just this month:

Lendman is obviously a tool of these evil forces, probably greased by Saudi money and helped by clueless leftists who think that anything that's bad for America is good for them, including Pres. Obama, who would have loved to support that U.N. resolution but reluctantly voted against it because it would become too obvious that he's a secret you know what. Smart people don't buy your Saudi-greased anti-Israeli propaganda, Lendman, sorry. Nobody in the Western world wants Muslim Arabs living next door to them, why should the Israelis? Tell the Arab govts. in the region to finally permit resettlement of the Palestinians whom they keep cooped up in miserable camps, and leave poor outnumbered surrounded Israel alone, Allah is dead.

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