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I just received one of the famous "fundraising calls" from the RNC. They were soliciting people to give them money (and tried for slightly over $3k!) to "stop Obama's Health Care plan that will cost $1 trillion." Oh boy did that poor sap get an earful. I "explained" that: $1 trillion is a lot of money. $12 trillion is a lot more, and that's how much the RNC has allowed to be pissed away backstopping and rewarding people who have stolen from the American people through bailouts and handouts, all of which have gone to the very people doing the stealing! John McCain, to whom I gave a significant campaign donation, returned my favor by suspending his campaign to push through the EESA/TARP, a bill that by 300:1 margins the American People opposed. If the Republicans are the party of the people why is it that they are allowing these bankers to steal over $30 billion dollars by re-ordering transactions to generate the MAXIMUM in overdraft fees? Th

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