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Back in 2003, when a Barack Obama presidency was little more than a gleam in George Soros's eye, Jim Powell published a book which was disturbingly prescient. Titled FDR's Folly: How Roosevelt and His New Deal Prolonged the Great Depression, it outlined how Franklin Roosevelt's big spending policies hindered, rather than helped, the United States in recovering from the Great Depression. Obama apparently was too busy in 2003 -- maybe listening to his spiritual advisor Jermemiah Wright ranting "God damn America," or helping his good friend and mentor Tony Rezko raise money for Obama's U.S. Senate campaign, or voting 'present' in the Illinois state senate -- to read Powell's book, because he has embarked on a path to replicate FDR's failures. Obama's reckless spending has already sent the federal deficit mushrooming, like some economic radioactive cloud, in just his first year, and evidence mounts that Obama's economic policies are

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