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Creating Your Own Funding Project

How does the Funding Center work?

The Freedom's Phoenix Funding Center makes it easy to raise money online for the Freedom-oriented causes and projects that matter to you most. In only a few minutes, you will be able to set up and personalize your fundraising campaign and share it with the entire community of readers.

With the Freedom's Phoenix Funding Center, the money contributed to your project goes directly to you. All contributions to your project are yours to keep. We only ask that you make a voluntary contribution to Freedom's Phoenix of 10% of the funds you have received each month. A deadline can be set according to your needs, or you can have a continuing project that has no specified end-date.

What can I use the Funding Center to raise money for?

The Funding Center has six categories of projects in each of four different areas: Causes, Creativity, Enterprises, or Politics. itself is oriented to promoting personal freedoms and exposing the lies and deceptions of governments and large corporation in order to help its readers live their lives free and uncontrolled by others. While projects that appeal to the the readership of will likely be most successful, you are welcome to select the best category for your project from the entire List of Funding Project Categories, or choose the Whatever Cause category in which to create a project that fits your particular needs.

Contributors are free to voluntarily contribute funding to your project for any legal purposes. You may offer incentives, such as products like a coffee mug or t-shirt that commemorates the contribution, or recognition such as being listed as a contributor in a book, movie, or website, or any other incidental reward for helping to fund your project. You may NOT offer shares in a business venture, or a percentage of profits on the sale of your project's products or services, as this would be considered a stock offering by the government and be subject to FTC regulations.

How do I receive the funds contributed to my project?

Contributions can be made through the Funding Center using a credit or debit card, a PayPal account, or with Bitcoins. You select which payment methods you want to use. PayPal processes payments made with credit or debit cards and PayPal accounts, so you will need a PayPal account to receive funding from either of these two methods. Bitcoins contributions are processed through, so you will need a BitPay account to receive payments made with Bitcoin, or as an alternative, you may have Bitcoin payments made directly to your personal
Bitcoin account. You enter your account payment codes provided by the processors into your Project information when you set it up. All contributions are then deposited directly into your account. You voluntarily make your contribution to Freedom's Phoenix of 10% of the funds you raise at the end of each month.

Are there any time limits?

You decide whether you want to put a time limit on your fund raising project or not. If there is a real need for the funding to be completed by a certain date, you can establish that when you set up your project. Your project will begin being shown in the Funding Center on the Start Date you set, and will stop being shown after the End Date you set. Projects with no End Date will continue to be shown indefinately.

How will I know if some contributes to my project?

You will receive a notice from the Funding Center each time a contribution is made to your project. When you log-in to your account, you will be able to see a list of contributions and be able to send emails to your contributors to inform them of your progress.

Do I have to use my real name?

Yes, Freedom's Phoenix requests that you use your real name and contact information to best promote your credibility and honesty. By providing real information and transparency, you demonstrate your willingness and ability to treat your contributors fairly. However, Freedom's Phoenix does not authenticate the information you provide, and you should post adequate details about yourself, your company if any, and your project so potential contributors can do their own due-diligence and become confident about their making a contribution to your project. You may choose not to publicly display your email address on the Funding Center, but if you wish to show your email address on your Project Page so contributors may communicate with you by email, your address will be disguised so it cannot be readily scraped by the robots of spammers.

Does it cost me anything to start a Project?

No, you can set up a Project on the Funding Center for free. We only ask that you contribute 10% of the funds you raise back to to help us pay our expenses in providing the Funding Center and the rest of the website to you. This amount should be factored into your costs of incentives, if you choose to offer them.

What are Incentives, and why should I offer them?

Incentives are things you offer to your contributors in exchange for their contributions to encourage them to help you fund your project. Other crowd funding websites call these "perks" or "rewards" or something similar. Offering incentives is not required but they often improve the response to a project because contributors feel they are getting something tangible for their contribution besides a warm feeling that they are helping you. Generally, small incentives are offered for smaller contributions, and large incentives are offered for larger ones. Your direct costs of the incentives and the fulfillment costs such as packaging and postage should be factored into your overall project goals and total funding objectives.

What about taxes and other government restrictions and interference?

Freedom's Phoenix is only providing the Funding Center as a platform for you to use to get others to help you fund your project. You are directly responsible for determining any potential government taxation, controls, restrictions, or other governmental interference with your particular type of project, and you are responsible for any taxes or reporting that may be required of you. Freedom's Phoenix has no interest or involvement in your project and does not provide any oversight or supervision of the funds you raise, does not keep track of whether or not you fufill your obligations and promises regarding incentives, and does not provide anyone with information about you or your project other than what you have given us, unless we are required to do so by some legal action.

We cannot provide any specific tax advice, since everyone's situation is different. While this is not guaranteed for you, we understand that most contributions made on the Freedom's Phoenix Funding Center will be simply considered as "personal gifts" which are not taxed as income by governments in the USA. Only donations made to a legally registered non-profit or charity may be considered for donors to claim as a tax deduction. Beyond this, we make no comment other than to suggest you consult with a tax professional in your area for advice on your particular project.

Who can I contact for further information?

Call Ernest Hancock, the Publisher of, at 602-717-5900.

Click below to get started setting up your project on the Freedom's Phoenix Funding Center:



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