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Put the constitution back and put the people hired on notice no more!!!!!

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I'm wondering where the on this, as I understand, corruption has been and is being committed, You can take a pile of dirt and pour it out in a pile on the floor, the floor is dirty, WHY! is this town so full of dirt and no one is finding enough to build a case? Law enforcement has been given a way to lie, cheat, and steal, and you are guilty if you don't have money to prove yourself innocent. It pays to be a criminal in government, either doing the crime or protecting those who are doing the crime. Get rid of government unions so the oath will be protected. Hang all government officials caught in crimes. This would cut our cost by two thirds and protect the people. Teach all citizens(no cost)classes on citizens arrest; they'll be able to arrest government employees. evidence is evidence, and judges can be arrested for conspiracy against the constitution of America. Travis

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