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When Ignorance Leads By The Nose

Now that those national conventions of both the Democratic and Republican parties are over, Ron Paul and followers have had a shocking discovery. They were stunned by this paralyzing discovery that their real enemy and the enemy of their Libertarian Movement is none other than the GOP itself!

What happened was that the RNC saw to it that they put the Texas Congressman and supporters under their authoritarian jackboots and crushed them for what they are -- inside that vicious Republican mind – they are pestering political bugs that need to be stepped on and silenced, forever!

There is a need of intervention to help Ron Paul and followers decide what to do with their so-called “Ron Paul Movement”. What the Republican Party thinks about Ron Paul and his followers, is the reason why I am calling your editorial attention in order to reach this website’s readership so that they too may pass judgment on Ron Paul’s political fate and that of his followers.

I would like to footnote a great commentary and reprint verbatim some portions of it [it is in quotation marks with a dusting of annotations and hardly an excision of writing style and wordings that amplifies rather than change the meaning intended] what has appeared recently in Freedom Forum showing how Ron Paul and followers where treated unfairly and why; what the public had witnessed with arms akimbo, i.e., how Ron Paul and his group were cheated of their primary victories, and defrauded of their right of representation to nominate Ron Paul for president in the Republican National Convention.

Total blackout of their participation in the RNC proceedings was planned by the GOP leadership in the most atrocious way possible, and no doubt the treachery employed was fashioned and carried out in the most flagrant and ignominious manner imaginable! The nation lost the chance to hear Ron Paul in the nationally televised Republican Podium speak of his Platform to Change America if elected president – even though the Republicans believed this may sound repugnant to a great majority of the American people!

“Republicans look down at Ron Paul, a Revolutionary Libertarian, as some kind of an ugly political CHAIN tied from the nose of his “hippie-like” Libertarian supporters as he leads them not to the Republican defeat of Obama in this coming November presidential election, but to his everlasting political mirage – his eternal Libertarian “utopia”.

There is nothing wrong with this “dream” because in America, everybody can dream of anything they want to achieve in life. It is what one decides to do, to realize that “American Dream” and how to do it that really matters. In Ron Paul’s case and that of his followers where the Paul-CHAIN of leadership is tied to their nose, something went terribly WRONG!

In his political campaign for change, Ron Paul intruded into the world of Economics as he attacked the Federal Reserves and the nation’s fiscal and money policies he “KNEW NOTHING about”. That’s the first fundamental error of the whole exercise! He could have launched his attacks for change from any discipline he is good at, but NOT on Economics. He does not have even an academic background in Economics …nothing at all in this area of battle he just jumped into!

The esoteric subject of fiscal and monetary economics is not something a layman learns in any many-storied streets, i.e., in the anarchists’ streets of Brooklyn, in the treacherous alleys of Wall Street where greedy speculators either get filthy rich or lost their millions to wagering or from the hostilities of the 2010 American slasher film Nightmare in Elmer Street. Ron Paul and followers could not launch their vicious attacks from this kind of “economic” background and expect the public to believe what they say.

The second bad mistake is when they use this street economic background they just learned by ears, to attack Dr. Ben Bernanke, Chairman of the Fed, with a Ph.D. in Economics! The American public was incredulous of this scenario unfolding before their eyes as they witnessed with embarrassment this arrogant display of IGNORANCE in Economics!

Here is what’s in the mind of a schooled economist who posted his comment on economic illiteracy:

“If I can put to good use the knowledge of Economics I learned from the academe which was once my bread and butter, there is a good chance that economic illiteracy can be reduced, at least in this website, not necessarily to irrationally think that it could be stopped. Nonetheless, I believe that I and my kind should attempt to reduce economic illiteracy the best way we can as a free public service feature we offer right here at It is an ‘editorial’ balance we should volunteer to slow down the rapid proliferation of ‘cursing’ and ‘swearing’ malcontent inhabitants of this otherwise interesting online publication – angry old-timers of who lose their cool when their writings and commentaries tilt towards the extreme Left, i.e., the advocacy of violence with a Libertarian revolutionary undertone, like calling the citizenry to arms and put us all in harm’s way.”

What I am trying to show here is that maybe Ron Paul and his followers would change or reconsider the continuance of their “Ron Paul Movement” which many reasonable Americans believe leads to nowhere. I may sound abrasively critical but actually I am trying to help with nothing personal at the back of my mind.

“First, I want followers of Ron Paul to NOTICE CAREFULLY,” the economist continues, “that when Ron Paul tries to ‘lecture’ Dr. Ben Bernanke, Chairman of the Federal Reserve in a legislative committee hearing on his ridiculous understanding of INFLATION as the Fed’s fault for printing “fiat money” [by the way the Fed does not do this … it is the Department of Treasury] the Chairman – who has a Ph.D. in Economics and recognized by U.S. satellite Economies all over the world as the “Economic Czar” of the United States today – was ROLLING his eyeballs with unbearable annoyance while listening patiently to Ron Paul!

“Out of civility, Dr. Bernanke has a hard time trying to control himself from telling the Congressman that HE HAS NO IDEA at all HOW Inflation comes about, and which targeted rate of Inflation is good to the economy, and which run-away Inflation has to be avoided that would ruin the economy [Galloping Inflation], and why.

“Inflation does not necessarily ‘destroy’ the economy as Ron Paul foolishly imagined. In fact under a certain state of the economy, Inflation is DESIRABLE!

“Dr. Bernanke’s discomfort comes from that simple realization that even if he will explain to Ron Paul that what the Congressman is talking about is actually NONSENSE, he considers Ron Paul “economic illiterate” and won’t understand anything Dr. Bernanke will say on the sophisticated science of Inflation and Monetary Economics where he earned his Doctorate!

That’s WHY I and my kind, among others, are always CALLING the ATTENTION of the American people every time Ron Paul embarrasses with what the public believes, his POLITICAL ODDITY and VOODOO ECONOMICS that are dangerous to America – and also to protect Americans from being foolishly taken for a ride!”

This economist now describes the level of his expertise and that of “ his kind” and what they can do to reduce economic illiteracy:

“The level of economic expertise we learned in the academe to enable us to do this civic responsibility of warning the public, is similar to the level of economic knowledge Dr. Bernanke have who has also his Ph.D. in Economics. It is obvious that Dr. Bernanke is too busy attending to his Herculean task as Chairman of the Federal Reserve and has no time to educate the public like we do … we put our spare time to good use in the nature of community service -- voluntary knowledge-sharing to reduce economic illiteracy among those who violently hate and attack the U.S. Federal Government and the Federal Reserve with their combative political and ideological hang-us which according to the National Institute of Health is a new and growing strain of ‘mental illness’ among the disgruntled population of the United States.

“Are we bothered by those ignorant ‘pains in the neck’ who strike us back with their insulting nonsense, hell no, not at all! We are resigned to accept such kind of mental disability and character infirmity. What is there to expect when they badmouth -- it’s just natural to them … that’s how nocturnal characters from the “lunatic fringe” behave! We are not in Psychiatry who could cure mental illnesses – maybe a psychiatrist or psychologist can. As far as I am concerned, I just do my clean-up routine every day – pick up the garbage and throw them away!

“What bothers me is when those mentally disabled characters from the edge act wildly like agitated zombies whose “mental illness” infects the gullible to do such foolish things as tearing the country apart by calling to arms vigilantes with anti-Government mentality that could lead to the declaration of Martial Law all over the country! When this happens, those robotic creatures from the “lunatic fringe” will be the first to run and hide … that I am sure.

“However, as of now, it is always bothersome to the entire citizenry when almost everybody is aware that the FBI Watch List is getting longer and longer every day. Fearful Americans are just sitting on the edge of their chair as they witness those disquieting events unfold before them, biting their nails with nervous uneasiness and deep anxiety while watching their Government being attacked from all directions by robotic leviathans from the ‘lunatic fringe’.

“The consequential comparison of such uneasiness and trepidation is like watching the glowing crater of a red hot volcano about to explode!”

“If this letter-essay is BOOKMARKED by economic illiterates who have a desire to get educated …who knows, one day they may cease to be a disturbing liability and turn themselves into something useful to our troubled society.”


Editors Reply

Ron Paul's political career draws to a close in the next few months.  I am glad of it.  A thoughtful man should have better things to do with his life than wallow with hogs.
Paul will finally be unfettered from modifying his positions because of concern of losing "power" in the GOP.  Now we get to see the man.  I hope for the best...but entry of his son Rand into politics concerns me.  Oh well.
Freedoms Phoenix does not modify our submitters comments.  We may block out abusers, threateners, redundant lecturers (after a time) such as yourself ... but we don't gag people just because they make others feel uncomfortable or might threaten some agenda.

Those who thought they could quell power by seizing power have learned a lesson or not.  Either way The r3VOLution is neither dependent upon Paul nor accumulating and directing power to achieve the goal of liberty.  It is about freeing minds---and in that our enemies are our best and most useful allies.  I consider the GOP and Dem conventions our most recent successes in demonstrating that playing the game with evil bastards only serves the evil bastards.  Tune in, turn on and drop out is some of the best advice I ever heard---and it goes back aways.  Enjoy life and try to diminish and avoid the Bastards as much as possible.
I delights me no end to know how much we bug you.  I find it kind of sad, however, that because of the numerous interactive pseudonyms you use when you pass no one on this planet will ever really know you.  But that too is your choice.

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Comment by Courtney Jalospanis
Entered on:

PureTrust, you are screwed. Freedom to drink unpasteurized raw milk which the FDA and health authorities declared spreads a disease caused by bacteria identified as Salmonella, E. Coli and Listeria, is NO Freedom, egghead! The police will arrest you if you drink and market unpasteurized raw milk for other people to drink.

The freedom of terrorists to kill and destroy that Ron Paul espoused, is NO FREEDOM, dumbo... See how screwed up you are? As a mentally disturbed anti-Government Democrat who imagine and say strange things, you subsist on welfare food that's why not enough nutrients are going to your brain, ding-dong ... Take some supplemental vitamins and mend your damaged brain or just get cured, whichever is your choice, I don’t care. Just stop being such a jerk …

Comment by Joseph Vanderville
Entered on:

I am glad to hear from Powell Gammill that finally Ron Paul is going to quit politics. He is the first Ron Paul follower I know who brought up this breaking news of relief. At last Ron Paul is going to be freed from being used as a money-making tool of profiteers who play politics for profit.

All along it has been my honest opinion and persistent position that the Ron Paul campaign for president is nothing but a business venture underwritten by radical businessmen whose objective is to hit two birds with one stone: raise campaign fund and make an abracadabra out of it, and relish on their R3volutionary attack of the U.S. Federal Government using their Austrian Economics that has long been discarded into the dustbin of history.

In his comment, Powell said their goal of liberty does not depend on Ron Paul. “It’s about freeing minds …” But before they were crushed under the booths of the marching Republican centurions and “silenced forever”, it was ALL about Ron Paul, the only “God-like hero” they worship on their knees who can bring the needed change to America. But now that they have no more use of the old man, they throw him away like a dirty used rug for scavengers to pick up from the dumpsite.

Is it really about freeing minds …? Freeing the mind to do “foolish things” like what Ron Paul did that invites jackboots to step on and only to be crushed like roaches … like what the Republicans did?

C’mon, let’s have something upstairs, even just a little bit of something above your shoulders.

Comment by Ed Price
Entered on:

Hi, BowlOfPunch. How long is it going to take you to understand that in a free country, where free speech is accepted, people can speak freely?

In a free country, such things as "Ethics of Journalism" are based entirely on one's own interpretation of what those ethics should be. In other words, FREEDOM is the only ethic involved.

EVERYBODY who reads your letter understands it. What you are saying in your letter is something that hurts when it is applied to you. So you see? You try to hurt others with the stinging words in your letter, but when the same words are turned on you, you complain. Well, I guess we are all like that to some extent.

What is extremely wonderful is that you are showing yourself to be totally against freedom and the American way. Now, we clearly see that you are not some poor, ignorant soul who needs help understanding what freedom is all about. Now we see clearly that you are an enemy of all things American - an enemy of the American people and the United States. This makes it clear in the minds of everyone what you really are: an ANTI-AMERICAN TERRORIST!

Soon the United States Government will find out where you live (if they don't know already). If you are in the States, Homeland Security and the TSA will get you with their SWAT people. If you are NOT in the States, the United States military will ferret you out like they claim they did with bin Laden.

Thanks for your help in this matter of identifying yourself as a TERRORIST.

Comment by Jack Klakpath
Entered on:
To Powell Gammill – It appalled me when you turned personal and attack my person instead of the issues raised how Ron Paul and you -- among his followers described by the New Hampshire newspaper as supporters from the “lunatic fringe” -- were crushed under the authoritarian jackboots of the Republican Party as if you are like those abominable pestering bugs. You are supposed to be “the editor” of this website who should know better.

To become “personal” – attacking the writer from the vantage of your editorial position and responsibility rather than the written issue/s raised – does not deserve the respect a legitimate editor commands from the writers. This is not acceptable under the Ethics of Journalism. If you became “editor” without even studying Journalism, you are no different from Ron Paul who became a self-proclaimed “economist” who has not even studied Economics! And you can see the tragedy it brought to his “cause” that I was writing about -- When Ignorance Leads By The Nose!

You read what I have written, and I expected you to understand it … but you didn’t! That’s why I am appalled. If you understood it, you would have known that I didn’t like how the GOP treated Ron Paul and followers like you. And I am surprise you didn’t get it.

You should know that I am on your side because the Republicans have the gall of crushing you under their boots.

I hate that CRUSTY sound when roaches are “squeezed” under a jackboot once used by the military in Nazi Germany. It makes me puke.

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