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Easy way to try linux (really)

Just listened to your bummer linux experience. Here's an easy way try it without wasting your entire day(s).   Go to and download ubuntu and mint.  burnthe file to a disk and boot the disk.  Don't install but use the machine in its live mode (it makes no chances toyour hardware at this point).  Now try streaming your video and see if it works.  If you need  some sort of video app download synaptic (apt get synaptic).   Then bring up synaptic with the konsole or menu (search for it under system or applications).  using synaptic you should see abunchof video apps under a search bar.  Hope this helps.  Ubuntu and mint are the best supported distros with the most programs available in their repositories that I know of.  Also they have excellant user support forums.

Editors Reply

Thank you. 
When I'm next able to work on my computers I'll check this out. But now that everything is working I'm off to other things again. My Linux opportunities happen about every 12-18 months and I discover only then if my new computer is going Linux or not.... so far Not.
I'll keep trying.