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Conspiracy of the Cold War

Sent from a reader...

Dear Friends,

I am sending you an essay I wrote, titled "Conspiracy of the Cold War".

It sounds perhaps like the "old news" to you but I strongly believe it is

now important again - due to another wave of terror. My work explains

HOW the old Cold War became another sham – the War on Terror.

It is written as simple as possible so we don't discourage any "beginners"

on the subject. Please read by yourself and let me know what you think.

Any and all critical suggestions are welcomed. My idea is that this

essay should remain a "work-in-progress", with continuously updated

links and comments on new developments.

The reason I wrote this piece was a need to share with others what I

learned from my own tragic experiences. If you want to read about my

case – please find my story attached as well. Will be delighted to answer
all your questions.

In case you decide to publish the "Conspiracy...", please keep "written

by Anonymous" - it will be appreciated. Also, since my mails often

"disappear", please CONFIRM reception.

My best regards...

Conspiracy of the Cold War Word Doc

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Comment by Noah Figg
Entered on:

Very nice essay! I think this is very accurate as I understand it. Another thread of this history that could easily be part of the essay is the Gladio terror operations run by NATO during the cold war, and the current Gladio B operations run by NATO in the "war on terror." (See Sibel Edmonds interviews on Gladio and Gladio B, by James Corbett for example). These probably involve arming and fostering ISIS and other groups right now, or setting the stage for future conflict areas. I think that clubs and power groups above NATO, UN, British Commonwealth, regional governments, and corporate giants enjoy taking turns manning the different puppets of power and participating in fake squabbles--the international form of political theater--to hide the lack of a real divide among the global board of directors. And to drive the agenda forward through each little crisis, scandal or "clash" they cause to make use of.

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