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Today is a big day

It's a big day in America today!  It's time to walk the walk.  If you are at all for freedom and a smaller government, now is the time to step up.  Today, Sen. Rand Paul announced his bid for the Republican nomination for President of the United States.

I'm not saying the guy is perfect.  On the other hand, the realities of politics and shortcomings of democracy require some catering to the masses.  I have it on good authority from a trusted friend who knows Rand personally that he indeed has freedom in his heart and mind.  Rand currently has the best platform for spreading the ideas and arguments for freedom to the widest possible audience.  To achieve a free society, there is nothing more important than winning hearts and minds for freedom.  Pro-freedom people should be supporting him in some way.  I have already donated money to his campaign.  Like his father Ron Paul, I expect Rand will help advance the dialogue for freedom simply by being involved.  

Dr. Paul has been called by many political pundits--as well as the cover of Time Magazine--"the most interesting man in politics."  Rand Paul's libertarian style of conservatism, with a  focus on preserving the Bill of Rights, a return to respect for the Constitution, privacy rights, and criminal justice reform is very appealing to young and independent voters, and people who are not usually willing to consider the Republican "brand," including African-Americans and other minorities. He has a track record of working across the aisle in the Senate, finding areas of common ground, and attracting co-sponsors for legislation that most Republican legislators have heretofore been unable to attract.

Polls of the general electorate show Rand Paul consistently polling better against Hillary Clinton than any other GOP candidate.

This crossover appeal allows him to campaign as "A Different Kind of Republican Leader."

Here's an interesting analysis from Maria Bartiromo's program on Fox Business 4/6/15:

Don't just sit around and complain!  Rand is currently the best thing in the pro-freedom movement to help win hearts and minds.  I am planning to host a fundraiser for Rand's campaign at my law firm.  Stay tuned for details.



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Comment by Ken Sutter
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Here's the email I send Rand when asked to support the "money bomb". You sold out Rand. You're standing with the "money boys". Israel needs to be abandoned NOT supported. Can't you see the hypocrisy and more importantly the genocide. Obviously not. Chemtrails, geo-engineering, Monsanto, forced vaccinations, Keystone pipeline, illegal aliens, Federal Reserve, IRS and of course the good ole Constitution. No I don't see a damn thing changing if you're elected. More of the same. You sure as hell ain't your Father. Besides, the elections are rigged and you know it. "They" have chosen Hillary. And you already know that too. No, You're serving them by making it appear to be a possibility. To give people false hope. You're riding on your fathers coat tails. They'll make it appear close but Hillary will pull it out with the female vote. Doc,

Comment by Ed Martin
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If Rand is currently the best thing in the pro-freedom movement to help win hearts and minds, then some people don't have a clue about what a pro-freedom movement is. I wish these whores to the hierarchy would just go away.

Comment by Powell Gammill
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Fuck that warmongering Rand Paul.

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