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I would like it if you could get somebody on your show to talk about the design and implementation issues at the Open Bazaar project. They have been making extraordinary claims for sometime now, and I think very few people in the liberty community have given much push back. I would recommend talking to Chris Derose from the Counterparty project. He has been critical of the Open Bazaar design publicly, and may be willing to do an interview. I dont know if he would, but as a heads up he is no libertarian. His site is https://www.chrisderose.com/ and twitter @derosetech Thanks for all the work you do, P.S. the 04-08-16 episode would not play for me; not sure if you did anything different with it

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The 3rd hour on Friday I have a show on Open Bazaar scheduled. We'll all learn a bit more. And I'll look into Chris. Thanks.


I checked the April 8th show download and it's working for me.

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Comment by Brian Hoffman
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Chris works on a competing project called Drop Zone and so his viewpoint is pretty much going to be biased against OpenBazaar. Also to say that we have been making extraordinary claims is laughable. The software is open source and available and you can see for yourself what it does and doesn't do.

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