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Letters to the Editor • Police State

Nazi check point and Larkin

Hi Ernie,

Went through a State Police check point Sat.  They are getting sneakier but better educated.

He waves me to stop.  I was behind other stopped cars.

Cop: "Hello Sir"

Me: "do you have Probable Cause to stop me?"

Cop: "No Sir. This is just a routine safety check. Do you have your drivers licence?"

Me: "Am I being detained?"

Cop: "No Sir."

Me:  "Goodbye."

And off I drove. Notice he did not ask to see my licence, just did I have it.  And no arguing, no rushing for his radio for backup, just on to the next car. We could see him for a while as I left. The highway had no other junctions for a while. It was a pure fishin' trip hoping some dumbass says he does not have a license.

On a happier note, just listened to Larkin Rose story "The Jones Plantation"

You may want to play it on your show. I loved it.