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Comey: FBI wants 'adult conversation' on device encryption

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Hey Editor, What is this article doing in FP? This article about Comey is a mainstream media attempt to legitimize him after the "We can't figure out how to prosecute Hillary for her crimes" fiasco. As FBI Director he claims he could not find any "similar cases which were prosecuted" and I personally saw four identical cases that WERE prosecuted in articles by journalists published within 24 hours of Comey's statement. So, our FBI Director lied in a national news conference to protect a criminal and possibly enable her to occupy the White House. No one alive should take Comey seriously after that. And now Comey is featured in some MM article calling for an "adult conversation" on criminal mass surveillance of the American public as if that was something good and legal. That FP article is classic MM spin on encryption as if it is some kind of "threat to national security". Where did Comey get the idea that he is entitled to collect the voice recordings and metadata from everybody's phone calls, emails and text messages? That article is pure BS, spin and brainwash. I'm used to better article selection by FP. FP is the best news aggregator there is, bar none. It really shows when it slips. Jerry