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Letters to the Editor • Trump Administration

Agent of Change AND The Patsy?

Dear Editor, I have been following Freedom's Phoenix since 2009, and have found your site to be relatively balanced and informative. I am a writer, but I am not at this time over-interested in becoming a regular contributor or participant in any Forums which do not directly and practically serve my immediate needs. The following offers a cogent and perhaps unique and critically important perspective which I would like to share with your readers. (It has been rejected by Reddit, which does not seem too interested in contributors who think for themselves:((( I would be honored if you would consider it and deem it thought-worthy; please let me know if there are any edits which may better fit your style, format and content requirements. Thank you very much for your work in sharing news, views and concerns which the Mainstream Media (and Reddit;( do not allow. Sincerely, Earnest Everhard

BEGIN TEXT: The one possibility about which remains entirely unconsidered by the Left, Right, Up and Down of America's political spectrum, about why and how Donald Trump was elected President of these United States, is the scariest prospect of all: he is the ultimate Counter-Insurgent whom the Status Quo anointed to pre-empt the election of a leader who is actually capable of disrupting their agenda. (It is entirely possible that Hillary was in on "the fix", and that Trump DID NOT KNOW he was being set up as The Patsy.)

As the election made clear, a large majority of Americans are dissatisfied about the way things are, and discouraged about the direction in which things are going. You can be certain that the Status Quo took the 'populist' energy which B. Sanders evoked seriously, particularly with an eye on how said dis-ease could gain momentum during yet another four years of 'governing' America's middle and working classes into chronic illness, massive debt, abject despair and homelessness. I'm not big on conspiracy theories beyond individuals and groups acting in concert with their perceived self-interests, which the Aristocracy/Global Elite/Status Quo does with actuarial fore-thought and algorithmic precision. (The seemingly dysfunctional United Nations provides some insight into how well Nations and Alliances are able to co-ordinate their actions AND inactions ??" *when they want to*.) And when perceived mutual interests are genuinely threatened, a potent network of influences can be whipped into a frenzy and quickly deployed.

First consider the following FACTS: 1. No one is her or her "Right Mind" (which does pertain to brainwashing and IS pertinent, but the subject for another discussion) thought that Donald Trump could be elected President. (I have publically expressed a contrarian POV for the past 18 months, so I am clearly NOT in my "Right Mind";~) And indeed, defeating him at different stages of the game should have been EASY… 2. Yet during the Republican Primaries, Trump somehow ran roughshod over a trough of well-funded "Establishment" Candidates, including an heir-apparent Jeb Bush. (Who might have made a reasonably good President, as Presidents go...) 3. During neither the Primaries or the Presidential "Race" was Trump seriously or enduring attacked for a lifetime of ruthless and unconscionable behavior. (Ever hear of the Mafia's "involvement" in NYC Construction, or Gambling?? You think talk about grabbing Pussy is the greatest of DT's crimes?!?) YET, as bemoaned by Michael Moore after the 1st Debate, Hillary NEVER brought out the "Sharp Knives", and she presented NOTHING other than the vague notion of Four More Years while spending FIVE TIMES more money on advertising than Trump. (The woman who devised an entire Health Care overhaul in 1992-3 can't offer a single new or coherent plan for anything??)

Now consider the consequences of Donald Trump's engagement to lead the "Free World": 1. If the Trump Administration implodes, which it has the potential of doing quickly without too much encouragement, this will galvanize a Left-Right Liberal-Conservative coalition of American Sheeple BEGGING for the good-old-days of Obama, George W., Herbert Walker, B. Clinton, Reagan, ("Family Values" and "Women's Rights"…), paving the way for a United New World Order with a carte blanche mandate and a steely-jawed Ford-esque Mike Pence as Stooge-In-Chief. (Pence seems so nonplussed about it all ??" did he *know* what he was getting into??) 2. If Trump *doesn't* implode, our Legislature will prevent him from effecting any positive change for the mass of Americans, while allowing him to significantly improve the economic 'climate' for The 2% WORLD-WIDE. (In conjunction with escalating American/Western Military 'hegemony' around the globe, against all threat$ in general, and the "Terrorist" East in particular.) 3. And, as he promises to do, Trump/the US Government can simultaneously wreak domestic havoc upon what's left of our American Civil Liberties: restrict travel, abolish privacy, criminalize dissent (and just about everything else), eviscerate social-services, militarize Law Enforcement, expand incarceration of Illegals, Vagrants, and other Undesirables. (All of which was already occurring within a drone's throw from Martial Law BEFORE Trump was elected.)

Keep in mind that the Trump Administration CAN DO (i.e. will be allowed to do) all of the above, WHILE PROVIDING COVER To "Democrats, Republicans, Liberals and Conservatives" AROUND THE WORLD. Depending upon how long it takes to firmly enhance/secure the interests of the Status Quo, Trump will either be Forced to Resign (with a whimper or a Bang;), or voted out in 2020. (At which point Al Franken can bring a lighter mood ??" however warped and perverse ??" to a New New World Order which will make Orwell's 1984 seem Utopian:((( PS How Trump even came close to winning the Presidency is entirely mystifying UNLESS he was meant to win *from the beginning*. I know, I don't believe that either. Usually, the money follows the odds, with everyone hedging their bets. (There were at least contingency plans for "what if…", and a now "Right Minded" Hillary was a suitable Plan B.) Still, the confluence of ineffectuality and the fact that he WAS Elected to serve as the "Leader of the Free World", suggest that the "Free World" is meant to undergo some serious and RAPID changes, one way or the other. How this plays out remains to be seen, but I am fairly certain that Mr. Trump will be sorry for what he wished by the Mid-term Elections in 2018. (©02L16W17)

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