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Briefly, my sense of Ron Paul's criticism, judgmental spirit or temperamental outburst towards Donald Trump in his "report card", (on the contrary to your conclusions) may with good reason and thought be found to be rooted in the following: JEALOUSY... A very, very bad spirit, which can be hidden due one's winful personality traits, especially tactfulness and common sense, a high degree of intellectualism, extensive senatorial experience and success in building a Liberty movement that has attracted people, a basic sense of confidence in a time when Trump is fighting the greatest measure of dangerous, vicious, adversarial attacks! Makes one think of ancient times when people threw other people "under the bus" in every ungodly way imagineable, i.e. the gladiators, the lion's den while people salivated and enjoyed waiting/watching until the very end of the doomed, persecuted or criminal victims.

Can we not... but SHOULD WE... ADMIT that there are multitudes of PEOPLE who absolutely LOVE TO WATCH and JOIN in the TAKE-DOWN of loyal, hard-working CAPTAINS, HIGH RAKING MILITARY, other PROFESSIONALS and even PRESIDENTS, who WILL NOT bow to the establishment? MUTINY is ENJOYED by millions of apostate, despots, unenlightened, ordinary people who target those who work their very HARDEST to STAND against the "FORCES" of the "dark state", striving to keep their WORD because PROMISES DO MEAN something to people with a heart. Should we not look and SEE that there are DIFFERENCES as to how people TACKLE the MOUNTAINS BEFORE THEM in order to bring about the BEST RESULTS for the PEOPLE?

HOW PROMISES are kept can differ in magnitudinous, and a variety of ways due to experience learned from mistakes from the past, i.e. how to make the best "deals" and work with people so as not to make enemies, while vigorously straining to obtain and promote the most superior ways and means possible to UNIFY the people, so VITAL and ESSENTIAL at this time in history, in order to KEEP THE COUNTRY from self-destruction from within.

I feel there is also a wholeheartedness to STILL WIN (Ron), likely a willingness to COMPETE, even possibly with some ungodly motivation that can amount to SIN -- wanting to completely overwhelm/demolish another leader's gains/wins possibly because of one's own losses?? Although such a deep tear/loss for a person who has been so HIGHLY motivated, created by name and personality TO WIN (Ron Paul - names are both warrior names), combined with a complex desire, discreetly covered up from the actual come-downs (2x), must have caused some degree of REJECTION -- And from my work in ministry over several decades I understand that the OUTWARD response of REJECTION is also ANGER. One should look to see if that is also possibly portrayed within the vast amount of words and supposed "insight" and "truths" found in Mr. Paul's "report card" of President Trump.

Self-judging must come first according to the HIGHEST AUTHORITY OF ALL, then judgment with humility.

~L Jensen