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"Do You Trust This Computer?"


Source: Me, myself & I

Hi Ernie, The Letters of Captain Marque are a valuable contribution towards creating a civilization of the Universe on Earth.

A documentary I think you'd find synergistic is, "Do You Trust This Computer?" (2018) one hour eighteen minutes. I don't want any government and certainly not the history of all governments that at their foundation have always been to compromise the integrity of ALL individuals.

I've been an anarchist since 1990. Primarily based on reading the Neo-Tech Discovery. In particular, the 120 word, Constitution of The Universe. With Neo-Tech, which is fully integrated honesty and wide-scope accounting integral to it, I've learned a new how to think paradigm. Your guest in the third hour said something close to what I wrote about a few months ago.

AI could work in anarchists/vountaryist favor if it identifies real crimes. That is, identifies individuals who initiate violence, threats of violence extortion and fraud against humans. Surely there are far fewer real criminals than the entire population in which ALL individuals violate political laws codes and regulations every day.

Thus I ponder what those in government have thought about politicians and bureaucrats being unable to indoctrinate and hoodwink AI as they have been able to do to their human subjects. AI robots could not just obsolete human law enforcers, AI would identify them as real criminals. I wrote a short mock dialog of two cops discussing AI robot cops. They were shocked to learn via their discussion that they would be obsolete and worse, they'd be exposed for their crimes against individuals and their property.

Lastly, and perhaps most important, because your third hour guest was talking about aliens, I have a document that I think you and he would greatly benefit reading. Originally titled in 1985, The Long Wave, was made into a chapter of a book, retitled, A Cosmology of Infinite Riches. I can send you the document/chapter in an email attachment. My email, I appreciate you and your work. Regards, Andy