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Beam Energy Pulse Bombs - The Evidence In Colorado

I highly recommend you post this in your daily email newsletters. I am collecting portfolios and dossiers of materials which relate to the California fires, (and others).

All your readers need to be exposed to the reality that the terms "forest fires" or "wildfires" are being used as SMOKESCREENS to hide the "beam energy pulse bombs" (which some people are referring to as DEWs (directed energy weapons).

A major portion of the burning forests are NOT burning. Housing is being burned. I have several compilations of different images and fires. How do I link these to your system? Fear & Loathing In The Belly of the Beast Earth Changes Bulletin November 16, 2018 by MW Mandeville (Black Canyon City, Arizona) Phoenix Five Report Item: Beam Energy Pulse Bombs ?" BEP Bombs (aka DEW); Attack in Colorado 2013 Relayed by Michael Wells Mandeville, From The Hills of Arizona USA at mwman@q.com Amazing evidence of Beam Pulse Weapons at work in Colorado.

There the case is even more compelling becaue it is clear that there was no general "FOREST FIRE". Individual houses were torched and these fires mostly failed to ignite the trees around them. From the following pix of the 2013 Colorado Fire, we know that the DEW or BEP Bombs have been used domestically in the U.S. for at least the past five years. ...all shades of 911? Iraq 1992? Time to think deeply.

Thanks Jimmy for this great collection of pix. https://earthchanges-bulletin.com/bulletins/2018/Colorado Fires.pdf (major collection of pix) Best Wishes, Michael Mandeville from the mesas of Arizona; mwman@q.com

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