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Letters to the Editor • Government

AZ District 15 House Race


I'm trying to determine who I will be voting for in the upcoming election.

I'm an advocate of limited government. I believe the free market is essential and most government is non-essential.I would appreciate your response to the following questions:

1) Do you believe all existing state agencies are essential and the people who lost their jobs due to the governor's unconstitutional executive order as non-essential?

2) How do you propose to true up the budget assuming there will be a revenue short fall based on Governor Ducey's unconstitutional executive order against the people of our state?

3) Are you willing to propose the elimination/reduction of any government agencies to help cover the state's tax collection shortfall?

4) Do you promise to not raise taxes to cover the shortfall?

5) Are you willing to propose legislation to amend ARS 26-301:303 and ARS 36-787 to be clearly aligned with our US Constitution Governor Ducey swore an oath to?

6) Have you read the US Constitution and promise to fulfill your oath to support and defend it against all enemies, foreign and domestic?

Thanks and look forward to hearing from you.

Gary Fallon