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Dear Ernest, I am writing to you as I follow your work and think that you will be most interested. Over the last years I have been thinking about how humans can become independent of the control of the few over the many. I think there may be a way, which I will very briefly outline below and I hope will catch your interest.

Now it is most important to think about and discuss solutions and to motivate people to become independent and self-administer again. Most people feel that current representative democracy is not working in their best interest, but they lack seeing alternatives. Many try to change the system from within, or by fighting against it, but both options fail. This dissatisfaction of the majority however can be used for positive change.

When people see a functioning alternative in action, they will want to take part in it. A truly independent community needs to be able to make decisions and evolve, handle its own money creation and distribution, as well as enable economic transactions and incentivize community development as well as fostering investigative journalism.

Reading the below, picture starting a small "community" of you and your friends, either locally or globally distributed, which will then slowly grow in numbers as it develops:
1. A decentralized community administration software is proposed for communities of any size, based on grass-roots principles and voluntary participation.
2. If a community wants to self-administer, it cannot use a currency that is controlled by others. A community currency is key as a means of exchange to ensure protection from externalities. A crypto-currency is therefore proposed.
3. The distribution of the currency should be coupled to the level of engagement of each community member in the shaping of its community. Community-currency distribution would be coupled to each members software activity. Society development is therefore incentivized in contrast to current democracy.
4. The software should have a marketplace where economic transactions can be executed via tenders or direct agreements. Such economic activity in the software could again be remunerated with token issuance, incentivizing trading into the community. Goods and services will be cheaper traded in the community as no taxes apply, incentivizing adoption.
5. As the community grows, it will tender out projects and also jobs that need to be performed, attracting more members, increasing community currency adoption / value. This will reduce the acceptance of the traditional system and the reliance on its institutions.
6. Good economic practice in the community will be ensured via a vendor rating system, insight into past vendor sales and ratings for them, as well as full disclosure of offers and contracts for all procurements that are done for the whole community.
7. To ensure that the community is well informed in order to issue and vote on petitions for societal development and engage in constructive discourse, investigative journalistic activity would also fall under activities that are remunerated via token issuance.
8. Users shall be anonymous so no opinion leaders can emerge and be followed. To avoid abuse of all remunerated activity, a peer-rating system is proposed, where every contribution of any member can be up- and down-voted. The overall quality of the members contributions is coupled to token issuance. This will ensure well-reflected interactions, according to the communities own set guidelines.
9. This would ideally lead to many different community software distributions to exist in parallel, open-source, for everyone to copy, adopt and adapt, each one with their own currency, evolving through petitions or via members changing from one community to another, or starting their own community. This would apply free market principles to community administration approaches and lead to a multitude of approaches and a very prosperous societal development landscape.

I tried to summarize the concept in short, but there are many more facets to it. I would very much hope that you could provide me some feedback on this idea and if you would engage with it on Minds and read the full paper: https://www.minds.com/newsfeed/1103504500769611776?referrer=symbiosys4u     http://s000.tinyupload.com/?file_id=08726520121930775281

I furthermore want to stay anonymous and I have no personal gain from this, I only want humans to wake up and take their development in their own hands. I hope you can help with this by e.g. talking about this concept and your take on it in an episode presenting possible solutions. This would then also hopefully motivate people to either start developing such software. The time for this, is now. I hope we can inspire as many people as we can, while we still can... I thank you very much for your time and hope to hear back from you. All the best to you and your loved ones.

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