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Letters to the Editor • Education: Government Schools

Children's New Normal in Canada Schools (Sent from John Sneisen; The Economic Truth)

[Forwarded from John Sneisen, The Economic Truth]

BC I'm Canada schools: From a friend of mine,

"a BC teacher I spoke to at length last night clarified the following about BC schools:

This is our children's 'new normal' btw...thanks to all those that have done nothing but acquiesce, and help spread the fear and lies of the fake pandemic...

- kids are in pods of 30 (school dependent), cannot interact with other kids from other pods at any time, must wear masks in corridors, 2 subject lessons a day, 2.5 hours each, with a monitored lunch time in the class or outside in a designated space only for that pod.

- if any student, teacher, janitor or close family member of anyone in a pod tests positive at any time, everyone in that pod will be required to take a covid test to return to school, otherwise they have to stay home for 14 days, and this will include all family members of everyone from the pod. Family members may also be quarantined from work etc. The contact tracers will work to ensure this is followed and this is now the law.

- the teacher leading the pod is required to stay with the students all day, close by. When the students go for lunch or outside, the teacher goes with them. Kids will never be left alone! They are now being used as police to keep this medical tyranny in place.

- apparently the online learning option (transitional learning) that is being offered to parents in BC isn't going on beyond Oct either. This teacher wasn't sure if it was only their school policy or all schools, but it was definitively not continuing in their school, as teachers raised the issue that parents weren't being told the truth by them having just been offered transitional learning as an option. It will be revealed in a further letter where parents will have to choose a school only option or homeschool only option at that time in Oct.

(Basically, the teachers have zero capacity to teach children and also support online learning - so it's not going forward)

- I asked about 'errant' students that say, high five other students in the corridor, or mock cough etc… as kids might do - well they will be sent home immediately as schools will have a 'zero tolerance policy', and parents must arrange to immediately collect the child. This is so parents have a consequence too!

- This teacher knows/feels it's all wrong, and others at the school have discussed the same too, but none feel they can oppose it, and this is all conditional on them 'returning to work'.

- They all know and admit that when the kids leave the school grounds at 3 they will all intermingle, and hang out with other kids from other pods, families etc… and that really it's just all a big make work project of case identifications, tracing/tracking and forcing people to stay on lock-down, if they refuse the test for themselves or their children they can't return to work/school. (Later it will be the vaccine also, not just the test)

- and, of course teachers are also impacted as they can no longer really socialize with each other either as they have no common/community space now, and cannot leave the children alone during the day