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Many of you don't know this, but because of work we've done in Maricopa we've been sued

Many of you don't know this, but because of the work we've done in Maricopa we've been sued a number of times. Specifically, these lawsuit(s) have attempted to classify Cyber Ninjas as a "public entity" so that I am subject to public records requests (also known as "right to know" or "freedom of information act" requests).

Specifically, these request(s) have demanded all communications I have with everyone including a roster of every person involved in the audit, and all details on audit financing.

I have nothing to hide and have chosen to disclose financial details once; and I will do so again as soon as I have time to finish the project financials. However, disclosing communications including a roster of people have much larger implications and set a precedent I can't let exist.

The 1st amendment grants us the right to freedom of speech and freedom of assembly. The Fourth and Fourteenth Amendments protect us against government seizures of private documents and property. These rights have routinely been found in the courts to further give the right to be associated with whoever you want to be associated with. It is a fundamental liberty of a free society. Yet, cancel culture attacks this very fundamental right.

The seeking of private communications from a private company is a violation of these rights. The seeking of a roster of people who worked on the audit I can't see utilized for any other purpose than to again violate those rights. And we believe the law is clear that only documents which the government creates or owns are considered public records—but the government does not own my company's documents and did not create them, so they are not public record. For these reasons, amongst others, I am fighting these lawsuits in court. If I lose this could mean that ANYONE who does ANY business with the government can be required to give up their communications at any time. We've already seen with the federal vaccine mandate for federal contractors how many people that really impacts.

So, what can you do about it?
1) Please pray for the situation. Pray that our Country would return to the foundation on which it was built. Pray that these judges would see clearly what is in front of them; and would choose what is right. Pray that our nation would turn from its broken ways, humble itself, and pray to God.

2) Please consider politely and nicely making your voices heard with these organizations letting them know you do not support their actions. I do not condone any type of rude or threatening behavior. Follow Proverbs 25:21 and win them over from your niceness. You may even consider sending them a public records request to make the point.

The plaintiffs on the lawsuit against me are:
Phoenix Newspapers, Inc (which owns the Arizona Republic and is owned by Gannet Co, owner of USA Today and newspapers across the country)

The plaintiffs in a lawsuit against the Senate is a group called American Oversight.

3) If you agree with what we're doing and want to help me stick this out as long as I can; please consider making a donation to the Arizona Audit. This can still be done at either Voices and Votes or Defending The Republic. We're still significantly in the red from the audit which makes it difficult to continue fighting legal challenges like this.

4) Please share this message with others.