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Jarvis vs Alexa/Siri

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Alexa, Siri, ChatGPT etc. are Not "Jarvis" (Tony Stark's private AI).

I'm excited by the tech becoming available to the individual for the individual's benefit... 'Open this thing when and if, Close that under these circumstances, water the animals every..., alert me when, fix the 'Fill in the Blank', inform of when this happens, Answer my Freaking questions accurately without bias ("there is a 86.77% chance of this happening should you do 'whatever' because of blah blah blah) And NONE of these data inquiries or the reply is available outside of the communications I have with MY system.

Possible? Yep! But this is not the focus of development by T3. But needs to be the confirmable Open Source option each of us must supply a demand for in the Free Market. Oh,... and the demand is there, but T3 wants to give the impression that the demand is not there and/or that the 'convenience' offered by centralization is more important (which becomes an excuse for the lazy and uninformed to take the path of least resistance.

These isolated options are available and past the 'development' stages and are available to us all with a little understanding and maybe a tinnie bit of DYIing.

These are the options we'll be demoing in our efforts as we progress the project. I want my tech to serve ME and I've been looking forward to the available options my entire life, but unwilling to sacrifice my liberty for a shiny cage with everything linked to T3