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Dear Mr. Hancock, I feel that I have not conveyed to you that the Federal Reserve is a bunch of crooks that have embezzled $32 trillion over the past 100 years. Their previous attempt for a Wall Street coup in 1930's using General Smedley Butler was exposed by him. Ref. WAR IS A RACKET. Embedding patsies in U.S. government has been part of the covert subsequent program with honing by the CIA/army's SOA/WHINSEC and college recruitment---along with selective political campaign funding and corruption. Deficit spending begins with the US Treasury sending a DS Treasury security to the FRBNY [Bank]. The Bank, acting as a fiscal agent for the government, credits a government account for that much fiat book-entry credit which the Treasury uses for government spending. The DS securities are transferred to be auctioned. The ds value is added as a component to <>$15T annual securities being auctioned to redeem maturating securities. All handling of auctions is exclusively handled by the FRBNY and have never been audited. Ref. 31 CFR #375.3. Historically, TreasuryDirect was informed of the component which they listed as 'new cash.' If the item went to the government, it would eliminate any increase in the National Debt and would also eliminate any inflation. The value must go to a private entity. TD has had no answer but has changed the website. Academic centers are compromised with government grants and graduate job placements to hide this procedure. The Second Circuit COA in Bloomberg v Fed has acknowledged GAO has standing authority to audit any handling of government money such as the above without additional legislation, and that any official record of all FR banks are subject to FOIA demands. The Court further noted that all profit of the Fed belongs to the government. Each trillion dollars of deficit spending results in $20 billion disappearing weekly to covert private entities for a year. It is assumed the Rothschild clan has installed a similar scheme in the ECB and it has also been used in centuries past. The above profit is concluded to have been laundered by BlackRock, Soros, UN, WHO, etc, and used by the IMF/CIA for foreign coups written about by William Blum, John Perkins, and others. A Rothschild foreclosure on the US $32T debt is seen on the Great Reset horizon to include using the WHO pandemics and CBDC banking control for oppression in the US. Ref; FATAL EMBRACE by Benjamin Ginsberg.

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