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I always have a plan :) - And those that know me well know that I am as open about it as possible.
I\'ll be writing about it here on FreedomsPhoenix as time passes but initial summary is this...
For almost 2 years the world has experienced the power of the individual. One of the best examples of this has been you Linda. When something needed to be done,... you did it. No committees, no asking for permission and no wasting of time.
Those that complain the most about how something was done are rarely the individuals capable or willing or motivated to accomplish anything on their own, thus never benefiting from the experience of true activism.
I have learned a lot over the last 20 years of activism. The r3VOLution was a culmination of talent, relationships and goals that created a base of inspiration for many individuals that experienced the satisfaction of self expression with others of the same mind. This has been going on throughout human history, but transportation and communication has advanced to the point that the gathering of like minds that can focus their energy has challenged other traditional consolidations of power.
I believe that the ‘Will of the People’ has been ignored because it can be. Now that we have the attention of those with power they will do whatever is required to maintain their power and control. What I am certain of is that no single one of us can be more than a symbol or a rallying point for a message/demand/cause that can be supported by an ever increasing number.
The more dangerous environment for tyrants and their supporters is the rise of ‘points of light’ at every level of society and all over the planet. Each representing a common idea that, individuals have the absolute right to be left absolutely alone, and that the only legitimate function of any ‘government’ is the defense of that idea.
If I thought a single individual could bring this about I would seek them out like Morpheus sought Neo in the movie “The Matrix”. But I know that the creation of a support structure (foundation) is required for ‘The One(s)’ to naturally rise to prominence.
What was experienced in the 2008 election cycle with the ‘Ron Paul Revolution’ was expected by many that helped create the circumstances that had developed over decades of hard work. The libertarian philosophy has been a splinter in the mind of the people, and that splinter has been a very large pain in the ass of those that desire a complacent herd.
With these things in mind I know to direct my efforts to providing as many splinters as possible. The freeing of individual minds is the only defense I know of against enemies of liberty that have the unlimited resources of governments.
I do not know what the next evolutionary stage of the ongoing revolution against the tyranny of the individual will look like or what it will be called, but I am pretty certain what traits it’ll have. It’ll be decentralized but focused, totally in the open but uniquely individual in nature, joyful but not naïve, determined with a sense of fun and will embrace no particular demographic as this ‘movement’ sweeps the entire planet. It will cause fear in the hearts of all supporters of forced collectives. Governments and Religions will combine efforts to discredit this emancipation of individual minds due to the fear of a total change in the paradigm of the world (I wrote about this just a couple of days ago).
I have been very pleased that so many new activists have come to understand what I have just written. And I suspect that we will see many more rising stars of the movement as a natural occurrence of true leadership in a movement full of individual leaders. But to answer your question ( finally :) I do have a plan (that can change at any time).
I have sought the Chairmanship of the National Libertarian Party in 2004, 2006 & 2008. I will do so again in 2010. Each effort had its purpose and victories. The race of 2010 will receive my full attention. Since I am certain that there are others more qualified than I to run as President, I will be supporting their effort (I am encouraging them right now). If I thought that I would be the better choice I would have absolutely no problem taking on the responsibility (I’m not shy or unsure) but I am far more useful in other ways to bring about the desired result of millions of freed minds.
Beginning in early 2009 I and a few others will be traveling around the country meeting with those that share these views. Our focus will be the re-injection of the libertarian infection into the bone marrow of the Libertarian Party. But please do NOT misunderstand this effort as a desire to ‘save’ the LPUS. My efforts are not focused on the salvation of any collective (even a “Libertarian” one), my goal is the freeing of individual minds and the empowerment that this produces.
Technology has created the opportunities that liberty activists have dreamed of for decades but the confidence of being on the side of good and the joy and satisfaction of accomplishment of  worthy goals has been lost. Institutions and collectives have infiltrated the libertarian movement to serve their own ends rather than supporting the concept that individual freedom was the primary goal.
Of course the largest gathering of freed minds was attacked. This is one of the failings of collectives. Once a handle is created, a block of votes identified or a group of people gathered, you can expect a correlating effort to control or ‘represent’ that threat until it is no longer a threat.
Libertarian activist representing the libertarian philosophy have watched this happen inside the Libertarian Party. It was a stage that had to be gone through as an example of what must be avoided. 2008 provided that example.
The effort to once again represent the liberty message is not an effort to save the Libertarian Party of the United States,… it is an effort to represent the increasing number of the supporters of libertarianism as individuals. Decentralization, openly available resources, communication, individual effort, local activism, mutual encouragement have all been abandoned for the desire to support an unworthy collective so that it can…. I’m not even sure what the purpose has been. They have done more damage than good, and in a single year of r3VOLutionary activity has done more to free minds on Earth than anything that the officers of the LPUS has ever accomplished in 36 years of accumulated effort.
The libertarian movement is waiting for the Libertarian Party to join it. Wither this can be accomplished or not is yet to be seen, but what I do know is that the effort to do so will have the desired effect of enhancing the ‘Liberty Nexus’ of the individual powered network of freedom fighters already in existence. No one will be answerable to another and the power of the r3VOLution will grow,… with or without ‘official’ cooperation of the Libertarian Party.
What I offer is the success and the influence that the Libertarian Party has sought for almost four decades, but the desire to control the movement will have to be eliminated and replaced with the knowledge that you can only serve individuals in their own efforts to free themselves,… it’s the libertarian thing to do.

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