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This Frosty guy is not about freedom.

I can\'t believe this Frsoty guy wants the government involved in Social Secuity and in my personal private employment matters.  Why is he on Freedom\'s Phoenix?  THere\'s nothing about freedom in his latest article.

Editors Reply

Well duh.  Frosty has something to say.  I don't especially appreciate his one note samba either; immigration, border, overpopulation, depleted resources.  Nor do I agree with his positions.  But we give him the freedom to say what he wants.  And he delivers.  You don't have to read.  But you are free to take him on...as several people on this board do from time to time.   

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Comment by Edwin Sumcad
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I agree and endorse this editorial response. Frosty and I are North and South Poles apart on immigration and population issues as anyone had probably read on this site. But I support whatever he says although I may totally disagree. We have debated, and I learned a lot from his passion and expertise that I guess no one I have come across has ever matched. I think he is gentleman enough to be the only man I have debated in the Internet who gave me the privilege and honor of not being called nasty and even to some extent, dirty names. I take it as a great respect of my natural civility [retired UN diplomat] and long years in the academe just as I give my respect to a man with a great deal of knowledge.

That's a clean advocacy of freedom that I have always hope this site will perpetuate for a long, long time.


Comment by Veritas Vincit
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"... how the Earth could support many more people in a less materialistic and less centralized manner "

You lead the way pal, when I hear of you living in a cave I'll consider your suggestions. I enjoy my materialistic lifestyle and do not wish Big Brother to redistribute what I've earned to some crap-hole 3rd world hovel.

Life isn't fair. And those who clamor for fair are those who weren't picked for the dodge-ball team back in second grade and went whining to the teacher. They grew up to love socialism.

As for Frosty? I know him personally and we've both spent some serious time on the line.

Let me leave you with this quote; "...they who control a nation's immigration policy control the future of that nation." Mabye some of our readers can look that one up and who said it. I'll give you this hint however: its from the early 1920's just before Ellis Island was slammed shut and the quote is from the losers in that last major immigration debate.

but they didn't give up and many of them are deeply involved in opening the borders now (for the exact same reasons)

Comment by David McElroy
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Hey! Freedom's Phoenix is right to entertain many different opinions, viewpoints and suggestions. That is FREEDOM of expression, FREEDOM of the press, FREEDOM of social discourse. At times, we need to hear voices other than our own. Even reading an enemy's diatribes can be insightful or instructive for our pursuits. I can read Frosty in that light.
That being said, I must comment that while it is true that increasing and migrating populations are a concern, Frosty only seems to advocate the various central planning, "sustained" (stifled) sort of social engineering that avoids discussing the possiblity of ending the currently imposed wasteful, oppressive, genocidal regime. He does not discuss how the Earth could support many more people in a less materialistic and less centralized manner which would be less profitable to billionaires. His agenda seems to support the goals of abortion, euthanasia, genocide, eugenics and government mandated family planning licensing parents and exterminating the "less desirables" so that those deemed "worthy of life" can continue in the wasteful wanton ways of mass merchandising and gluttonous consumption with no concerns for the "less fortunate" or managing the masses competing for dwindling supplies in the marketplace. (Am I wrong, Frosty? ) Frosty, it seems, advocates the Nazi "final solution" for unwanted numbers of people.

Comment by Found Zero
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Is it "beat up on Frosty" time again? And this time with a near outright call for censorship?

What do people find so offensive about a site that tolerates different perspectives? And why doesn't anybody pick on me when I publish near psychobabble? And how about when I publish Mohawk Nation News stuff? Do people just take stuff like Red X driving around in an invisible flying Cadillac in stride but somehow Frosty's stuff is intolerable?

I mean, I could get in trouble for saying that there is nothing even remotely resembling scientific proof or data to back up the invisible flying Cadillac. Or does everybody just take it for granted that natives have a completely different understanding of objective reality? Or does everybody just figure that we're all crazy indians and what's the use in trying to talk to crazy people?

Heck, I'm not sure I believe half the stuff we write anymore. But I used to. When they told be that a Tree Of Peace grew out of a bunch of bloody tomohawks and war clubs I believed it. They are trying to tell me to this day that the tree is a metaphore but I'm not sure I believe that. Frankly, now I'm so confused I might as well just call myself an atheist but I DON'T WANT TO believe in a planet without God and the holy people. It would make for a very drab existence.

My point is, with guys like me running around, why pick on Frosty?

Comment by Frosty Wooldridge
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Thank you for your comment on this guy's complaints about my work. First of all, I am an educator. Second, I've traveled across 6 continents around the world that has given me first hand perspective concerning what I write about. My intention is to educate and activate Americans who do not have a clue as to the consequences of adding 100 million more people to this country in 30 years. Everything we take for granted will not be their for our kids. We face horrific water, energy, environmental and degradation of quality of life because of our hyper-population growth. I will continue my quest to educate readers around the country. We can change our future by our actions today and we must be educated in order to do that. Thanks Powell. Best, Frosty