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Angry Monsters V. Fed: Ugliest Mouth Leads Attacks


Angry Monsters V. Fed: Ugliest

Mouth Leads Attacks

       This is my first contribution after I surveyed your recent headlines. This caught my attention: Ron Paul: Audit the Fed, Then End It 5-19-09  • . 

       A lot of fireworks at Please consider this participation in the category of humor. It may be blunt or tart, but it matches the fire and brimstones thrown all over the place. I noticed the biggest mouth that dominates and shatters the blogsite. It looks like the picture that accompanies this headline.

       It is the largest funny-looking mouth of monsters fighting the Federal Reserve.  I am not really an admirer of the Fed. Neither am I a battleknight for its defense.  However, I laugh at the screwing madness of those who say the Fed should take a hike out of our economic system.

       Some economists joined the fracas.  I suspect why they jumped into the ring:  They cannot breathe the air of ignorance in this hostile atmosphere, particularly lack of knowledge on the role the Fed plays in the United States’ complex modern economic system. They joined with a bookload of condescending advices.  I enjoyed the fun when they were shot down with fire and brimstones from the angry dragons that are breathing hard to cremate the Fed live.

       There is madness all around. A lot of angry comments seemed to originate from the retarded who can talk but cannot hear, to the point of being so hilarious.

        I think one dragon who calls himself “1.5quadrillion” [his real name cannot be identified] is the funniest and scariest clown of them all because of his idiotic rants.  He cannot understand what economists like Barry and George are drilling into his thick skull.  He can talk but he cannot hear even when a cannonball is fired right in front of him.

       It is funny because this “1.5quardrillion” of a moron thinks he is an economist that could make America a nation without debt…! I said to myself: Good Lord! This United States of America without debt? This headless loco pollo has just got out of his straitjacket. Call the ambulance!

      I exit here for now. I will come back later.

     Has the ambulance arrived yet?


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That is ONE scary monster. :)