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Middle American

 You are working.

You are paying on a home loan.

Credit cards.


You are the one who will face the bailout bills when they come due.

You have to lock your doors because of crime.

You lock your cars because of crime.

Response time by police is at least twenty minutes.

You try to either vote for the best person or if that is not possible the least worse person.

You could do better then what the elected in the pockets of insurance and banking politicians are doing.

You wonder, if the country is in trouble why is the O\'man never at the White House?

When asked you say American not a race, religion or gender before what country you are from.

You know that the choices you make determine your job and future.

If given a chance you want the jobs sent over seas brought back to this country.

If you could you would rather rebuild more jobs then give free money to every one because you know you are the one that is going to get the bill.

If these thoughts have ever crawled into your mind, you are a MiddleAmerican2010.

Please fell free to send replies or additions to this list.



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Comment by James Wahler
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Well said Casey.

I am one too.