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“Torture”: When Words Are Not Needed To Express Eloquence For Humor

      Applause to what Editor Powell Gammill is doing for the enjoyment of millions of readers glued to everyday.  This time he did it again on the subject of “torture” that makes people laugh hysterically their stomach aches.

      My words to Powell … by publishing this video on “torture”, you do not need words to express your eloquence for humor:  “Colbert: ‘It’s not a perfect world’ so we can’t probe torture …” [see headline on 07-22-2009]. Colbert had this humor on “torture” on video that brought the house down.  You caught it right away, and wasted no time in sharing it to millions of readers!  That’s how invigorates its strength compared to all websites on freedom … no doubt about it!

        Eric Holder, Obama’s hatchet man, wants to prosecute those responsible for the “torture” of terrorists under the previous Bush administration. This reminds me of headless chicken that with chopped off heads do not know what they are doing.

       On the Humor subject dated July 16, 2009, I wrote this editorial dinner for laughs: Headless Chicken For Dinner: Is “Torture” Of Terrorists Approved By Congress “Illegal”?  by Edwin Sumcad at Holder thinks that “torture” of incarcerated terrorists that had bombed and destroyed buildings and killed many innocent Americans – interrogation technique which was approved by Congress when it passed Patriot Act, as amended -- is illegal. 

      How can it be “illegal” when it was approved by Congress?  Anyone who has a head above the shoulder cannot avoid scratching it. Maybe this act of Congress on military “torture” that saved millions of American lives is unconstitutional.   

       If Holder thinks that it is unconstitutional, he should go to the high court and challenged its constitutionality – not go after Bush under the klieg light to solicit the attention of the Media that walks by night.  If Holder does not do this constitutional challenge and instead continues to track down Bush and Cheney in his hunting safari for hanging, his headless action might be interpreted by the public as soliciting for prostitution of the Media that is engaged in the oldest profession, for and in behalf of his publicity-starved boss, President Obama. 

       Here’s more laughs when we talk about Holder’s illusion of grandeur that reminds us of headless chicken fluttering in Obama’s administration: Click on this editorial: “Whether Or Not Bush And Cheney Must Be Hanged For War Crimes Real Or Imagined …” at

        In the event Holder finds President Bush guilty of violating the law on “torture”, he should hang not only Bush and his accomplice VP Cheney, but all the soldiers in the military that carried out his orders as Commander-In-Chief.  They executed the alleged “crime”, and they too had violated the law.  Holder acts on the theory that those who violated the law, regardless of distinction, must be punished.  Since violation of the Constitution by the Commander-In-Chief is a “high crime”, he and his accomplices must be hanged by the neck until dead.

         If this should include soldiers who died in this war on terror … and even if by dying for us they have received medals of Honor and have been decorated as war heroes, for as along as they have violated the law on “torture” of the enemy in all the wars they fought, they too should be punished, according to Holder’s thinking.  Won’t their families at least, if not the whole nation, call for the Iron Chef to use his inch-thick cleaver to chop off Holder’s head for a chicken dinner?

        All right, you still want to find out how ridiculously idiotic and extremely loony this whole silly exercise is? Click on this published editorial: Part III.  Hanging For Economic Recovery … at  It is a research-backed editorial. 

        What it tells you is that if the Obama administration hangs all the millions of men and women in uniform who in one way or another are directly and indirectly involved in the “torture” of our enemies not just in this war on terror but in all the wars we have fought, the rope manufacturing industry, and the funeral serves industry will have a rocket boom the effect of which will reveal a huge national income more than enough to prop up our tottering financial market, and eventually pay for our much-needed economic recovery. #

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Comment by Edwin Sumcad
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    In response to comments of terrorist coddlers, click on this address:


     Headless chicken whined that Abu Zubaydah was “waterboarded” 83 times, and Khalid Sheik several times.  Hello, Virginia – these are terrorists that would have killed you and I had the military did not put their balls in a lemon crasher to squeeze to the last drop, the evil juice out of their system to kill and destroy!  And you are defending their “right” against “torture”?  How about the right of innocent Americans to live that they killed? And like Eric Holder, Obama’s hatchet man, you also want to incarcerate millions of men and women in uniform for following the “order” of the Commander-In-Chief to go after these terrorists?  Isn’t that foolishly hilarious?


    Your other terrorist-coddler buddy is asking for proof of “millions” of American lives saved by the use of “enhanced interrogation technique”. If he wants he can count millions of Americans that are alive today, starting from himself as count No. 1 then continue to count all other millions of Americans like him that 911 Islamic terrorists were not able to kill up to this day! Since “waterboarding” was started, the angels of death were disabled in their plot to kill and destroy, and could no longer launch their elaborately planned attacks that were exposed, aborted and prevented.


       Hang Bush and millions of soldiers who followed his order as Commander-In-Chief would make you and Holder the last comics standing. And yet, your other headless chicken colleague complained that he didn’t see the humor in it … ?#!


       This is precisely the reason why I lament the demise of Chuck Adkins in He would no longer be able to enlighten fluttering headless chicken in the dark, especially a bunch of humorless terrorist defenders who are drifting too far to the left in the name of freedom. 

Comment by Lola Flores
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 Maybe I'm dumb but I don't see the humor in it. 

I couldn't get past "Maybe this act of Congress on military “torture” that saved millions of American lives is unconstitutional."

If you doubt that what these thugs were doing was torture then, maybe, we should waterboard you 186 times and see what you think afterwards. 

As for that saving millions of American lives.  How?  How exactly do you arrive at that conclusion when it is the Americans that are invading foreign countries and murdering their innocent citizens by the millions. 

Again, I don't get it.  As for the humor...hmmm...not, not there!   


Comment by Brock Lorber
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What the anagrammatic "Wus Made In DC"  fails to mention is that military servicemen and women have been prosecuted for maltreatment of prisoners and other violations of the law of armed conflict, UCMJ, and, by incorporation, Geneva Conventions.

What has not been prosecuted is torture committed by CIA interrogation teams, all of whom are readily identifiable.

For example, the torture of Abu Zabaida in Bangkok by a CIA team led by a CIA contractor in the summer of 2002:  We know the two contractors involved, as well as the CIA members.  Additionally, we know the two FBI agents involved who left the secret prison in disgust at the treatment of Abu Zabaida.

We know that in Aug 2002, Abu Zabaida was waterboarded 83 times over the period of 4 or 5 days.  At that time, the contractor Mitchell declared Abu Zabaida broken, much to the chagrin of Langley which was under great pressure from Dick Cheney to continue the torture for another 30 days.

Abu Zabaida was strapped down one more time as a demonstration to a delegation from Langley.  The delegation agreed the torture should stop.  But, that didn't stop Cheney from insisting other CIA prisoners be totured.

In the 2006 Hamdan v. Rumsfeld decision, a footnote described treatment such as Abu Zabaida received as "war crimes".  That's AFTER the passage of the 2006 Detainee Treatment Act and most certainly after the torture of Abu Zabaida in 2002.

Yes, any and all allegations of torture should be investigated and prosecuted using the standards under which Japanese torturers were prosecuted after WWII.  Anyone found guilty of torturing or ordering the torture of detainees, including the former president and vice-president, should be publically hung.  If it numbers in the millions, well, then it numbers in the millions.

What's more, Barak Obama and the DOJ do not have a choice in the matter.  Under federal law, these crimes MUST be investigated and prosecuted.  If, after prosecution and sentencing, Obama wishes to exercise his ability to pardon or commute, then by all means he should.

However, pardon and commutation both require the guilty party to publically declare their guilt and remorse for their actions.

Comment by Powell Gammill
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If you are wondering what video tickled Edwin's funny bone: