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Ernie Hancock throws the 4th Estate out the Window...Responsible Ethical Reporting

(From: Max Woody)

I regret to say this but Ernie has reduced a lot of hard work for many Ron Paul supporters into the trash with his quest for 15 minutes of fame. The Dick "Buckshot" Cheney style of a false echo report, creating the news just like National Enquirer... When it comes to the national media you have to play your cards right or you will be left in the dust. Chewed up like an old piece of "Viper Gum" stuck underneath a chair.

I\'m sure it has spiked the number of national hits on this website to impress your advertisers. I don\'t want to even go into the fact that a racist angle could be hobbled together by other similar style reporters. Lets use a black Guy like Chris for this against a black president...make him the possible fall some other blacks have said you seem to like to paint Obama as a Nazi..which were OK to shoot at one time..just like the new movie that is out starring Brad Pitt. " lets Go shoot some Nazi\'s". So by your most recent antics you would endorse Lee Harvey Os......
(This is where my last letter was cut off...)
So your endorsing Lee Harvey Oswald carrying a mail order  $12.00  Manlichter Carcano rifle into the Texas School Book Depository in Nov 1963. How about giving Lee Harvey Oswald an interview on the radio as he sits in the snipers nest or at least you would of had street access to the shooters behind the grassy knoll fence....There is a song called " Lee Harvey Oswald was my friend \'.  I would hate to say that that was your anthem. I expect the politicians to lie but not the very media that has a Freedoms Phoenix power slogan "uncovering the secret\'s exposing the Lies".well your exposing your own lies at a high Not even wanting to get into the national hit numbers that spiked after the national 4th Estate assassination in a big way....hopefully this has not downgraded your future media stories and their credibility on the national scale. Hopefully ythat 9mm did not shoot you in the foot during this Dick  "Buckshot"  Cheney exercise of False Echo reporting......

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(The entry was cut off I think because it was entered incorrectly by Mr. Woody. He has been invited to send me the full text or to try again.)

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Comment by Max Woody Media-ocre Mogul
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In reference to KVC above: As A MediaOcre Media Mogul, I do have to ask, what Obama NEWS event are you referencing as or-castrated?..Obama was in down town PHOENIX as an Invited guest of the V.F.W. convention. Just out of respect to the citizens of PHX and any one of our President's..don't try to make us look like another DALLAS Dealy Plaza!!! The number one rule here is this 1)"You should expect the politicians to lie but you should not have to expect that from the Media" one famous CBS foreign correspondent said. 2) learn to "Crack The Code" recognizing vocabulary that touched on the feeling, hearing, seeing, types of statements.This technique comes from the right such as a Karl Rove mindset.Refer to Tom Hartman's book "Cracking the Code" its chock full of a good diet of what KVC needs. I don't endorse what Ernie did, not the statement but the Manipulated set UP style within the confines of a VFW Health Reform Now speech. Its just a matter of respect to the Human psyche and energy that action only promulgate's a negative. It was totally off subject..gun rights have nothing to do with health care..their is the danger of a sub conscious programming to the wrong type of person,regardless of how many guns you put on the street, it created more time for law enforcement worrying about you guys instead of protecting the president in a efficient manner. Most of Obama detractors say he waste money, well help him out on law enforcement at these events and don't bring your gun or waste tax payer money with city paid assigned officers watching Chris..I guess it would have been OK to have Lee Harvey Oswald sit in the snipers nest as long as their was a cop assigned to him..remember police badges were flashed behind the grassy knoll fence seconds after the shooting. Please Google reference the "BADGE MAN" photo from Nov 1963 Dealy plaza. Frommers travel guide has already downgraded don't go to Arizona because of all the guns. Just like the Border town warning's and the drug cartel shoot em ups.How much has that cost all the republican small and big busines in revenue? .I don't want general public guns in Downtown Phoenix within a 1000 yards of any president.its the same logic as keeping loaded unlocked guns around kids in the home..things just happen.

Comment by Jefferson Paine
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Max, am I right then that you don't object to the publicity stunt organized (and presented as news) by the Obama administration and the media, but you do object to opponents using the opportunity to make their own points?

Comment by Max Woody Media-ocre Mogul
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In response to Mr Hodges comment above; It worries me that your actually starting a radio show considering that you endorse false echo reports within news reporting..which lends no credibility to your radio show. Considering the fact you have entirely missed the point in reference to Ernie throwing the 4th estate out the window. Mr Hodges apparently does not understand or care to understand the true meaning of integrity within the 4th estate. This editorial has nothing to do with "timing of pushing the message forward"..the big and most important message is that you are saying its OK to change facts and create the news no matter how inaccurate and or dishonest the content is, as long as you push the message forward at any cost? I tend to hold a high price for integrity as you can and will lose it with these types of antics. If Ernie had waited for the perfect moment why not turn it into a positive message and not all this negative aggression. Which in itself is really a wrong detrimental message for Mr Hodges to I can only assume that you will be using the same type of Bad ethics with no integrity on your new radio show..its too bad you dont really understand what the 4th Estate means or stands for. Especially coming from a newby with a new radio show. Mr. Hodges apparently works for the government in some capacity as no true news entrepreneur would endorse false echo reporting. I suggest to all listeners be sure to keep your "integrity & ethics guard on full" when listening to Mr Hodges radio show and any of its content or so called facts. -Max Woody Media-Ocre Media Mogul 

Comment by Dave Hodges
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 You missed the point- Finally, the country, in very large numbers, is genuinely pissed off. ERNIE PICKED EXACTLY THE RIGHT TIME TO MOVE THE MESSAGE FORWARD!

With the rest of the country angry over having trillions stolen from them, most will identify with Chris. LOCK AND LOAD, BABY!!  It was brilliant. My only regret is that I did not think of it myself.

Dave Hodges

Comment by Freed Radical
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Max Woody (really?!) is clearly too stupid to have been a real Ron Paul supporter. I think he is either Lucky Red's alter ego or Chuck the neo-con using a different screen name. Either way-"Max big dick." 

Eric New

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