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Do Border Patriots want a "Double Standard" when it comes to illegals in this country ???

 This is in response to a story listed here on this Freedoms Phoenix WEB site TODAY titled "Local Citizen of 17 years/McPains Technical Director scoped up by ICE" by Charles Gillespie.. I am totally on this guys side in all regards. I feel horrible for him and what has transpired in all regards. I will make a phone call for him to "McPains" office. From My direct experience on numerous occasions It will "do no good" as McPain is already appearing to "distance himself" from this indicating that there is not much he can do as he said. I have literally seen people starve themselves outside of McPains office and the response took about 18 days to get any type of “LIP service” from his office. So think about that when voting time comes. BUT this is why I\'m against all these right wing patriot fanatics getting so bent out of shape about other Illegal’s in this country and the border situation...and yes Daniel is an "illegal" from the same un-documented standpoint "according to the law" that so many right wingers want to enforce on the Latin community. That is why I say "pick your battles carefully" as sometimes they come back bite you in the ass with your own words. There are thousands of similar stories concerning the Latin American "illegals"..wanting the same dream as Daniel achieved. The laws ARE being enforced as these right wing patriots are demanding by Judge, Jury and executioner Sherriff Arpaio daily here. Ernest Hancock can attest to that as per his radio shows etc. So there should be no "Double Standards" concerning any "illegal alien"...ouch that hurts… in a big way when things like this happen. All these people are HUmans and need to be treated as such.all having very compelling stories when you slow down and listen to what they have been through, Daniels biggest mistake was the process of selecting an attorney. He will be deported as the paper work is not on file. They cannot let this one go thru as it would create a huge back log of other similar situations etc. According to the very laws that the so called "Patriots" always scream about who camp out on the border etc. What goes around comes around in a very painful way ..so next time somebody starts bitching about the LEFT wing and their outlook pertaining to the illegal’s ..take this story and 1000\'s of others into consideration before you pipe off about closing the borders etc .as this is what the left is considering when they say “slow down and think about it a moment“. It’s a difficult painful hard question to ask and answer as this situation demonstrates Max Woody “Media Ocre Media Mogul” /p>

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Comment by Max Woody Media-ocre Mogul
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Here Here... I agree with both you guys on all your points..lets bring in the Mexicans to grow weed as they do so well, let it be taxed by the State since it is our problem and then build the border wall with the weed tax proceeds as it would cut down the competition from the dealers cartel and shoot em ups types from the border towns. Totally eliminating their market here.Heck "JUDGE" Arpaio might be put out of business as well. Just remember that the border Wall can be used to keep them out but could also be used to keep us in..something along the lines of the Berlin wall..then we would all be seeking "political asylum" from the "federal asylum" somewhere in the south pacific carving bongs out of exotic woods. Selling them on ebay back here to the folks..with no taxes at all... 

Comment by Charles Gillespie
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Max, in response (and speaking strictly for myself here) I'm not a 'border patriot', but rather an Arizonan who is tired of ANY IMMIGRANT coming here for nothing more than a free ride.

When SO MANY are from the SAME place, with the SAME skill set and can only offer the SAME burdens on our already broken system then it becomes obvious that we are burdened beyond our capacity to support them.

I am speaking to a broader problem concerning those that offer little to this country beyond the basics, Americans included.

Yes, it's quite true that Daniel is no different in status than anyone else who comes here from another country...unless you want to consider:

a.) Political Asylum - His family was being persecuted by their government and believed this country would be different.

b) Self Sustainability - He nor his family EVER received any kind of hand-outs from this government and were totally dedicated towards generating a great deal of business; especially High End commodities such as media production, corporate conferences and classic art.

 You can love the millions of HUmans that cross the border in search of a better life...for whatever that 'life' is worth all you want. I would respect your 'one size fits all' perspective much more if these people could offer something more than a burden to our crippled socio economic demise presently bleeding us into oblivion.

People?? I LOVE PEOPLE!! I'd 'love them' a lot more if this country required them to bring something more to the table in order to live here; perhaps GROWING our economy instead of gutting it in the process. Just a consideration~

Comment by Found Zero
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What sucks Max is McPain is one of the few repukes that could actually bring the muscle to intervene. But he won't. And unfortunately there's nothing else the rest of us can do about it. INS and ICE are federal, practically untouchable by our spineless representatives. This to them is PROCEDURAL.

I'm quite a bit less afraid for this young man's future than other refugees who face near death sentences upon repatriation. His prospects look pretty good. I'm more saddened by the families and communities disrupted right here in Arizona.

Frankly I'd be happier with a more "states rights" oriented approach to border control because our border state relationships with Mexico are much more intertwined and complex than elsewhere.

What I've always advocated for is a strong border wall along our California border. Those are the immigrants I'm really against.