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Jobs in a downturn

Economic hard times are not new.  The fact is they happen regularly and a country has limited ways to restart their economy.  The first action is to put people to work, this is accomplished by expanding the military (start a war, make the world dangerous, )  The military, to supply one person has to feed, shelter cloth, train and equip that single man and they use him.  Do this for a million or five million men and women and you have an in house destruction of supplies and an in house need to supply them.  Add to this that these people are betting paid, paying taxes and spending money, it has been a win win solution to a slow economy. (one reason the government and industry does not want six hundred thousand men brought back home is they jobs they need and the money being spent to keep them supplied)

So far, unless we have five or six attacks, not on one day but spread out that kill or harm millions of Americans we will not see a call to war.  (With very few teams this could be accomplished) (but again would it be by the terror groups or by the government!!!!!!!!!!!!)

The next way is to change directions and state that America will be building a huge space station in five years plus there will be a thousand people living on the moon in three.  (if you have to ask why, I suggest you again try to understand the need to put Americans to work...either war or vast projects that put them to work....Great Wall in China, Egypt)

Space, a real goal for a nation.  To accomplish this we will need metals, factories, spacemen and women and new ideas for transportation.  For every one Space job there will be ten other jobs created.  So we can gear up to clean up the parks, a great idea or we can rebuild America for the future, space.....