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i suggest that u investigate www.monetary.org (stephan zarlenga)-

the american monetary institute. 

their annual a.m.i. conference mtg. was recently analyzed by terry arnold on jeff rense...http://rense.gsradio.net:8080/rense/http/MP3Download/Oct2009/6p71jw/rense_100209_hr1.mp3

before \'buying into\' the "hard money (commodity- gold, silver,etc.) concept promulgated by mr. griffin ....vs. "fiat money- issued and regulated by the u.s. treasury"; likewise his book \'the creature\' which i read in the early 2000\'s, i later found out is plagerized from eustace mullins work: "secrets of the federal reserve."

all the best- i sure enjoyed last nite\'s web bot predictions which i have been following since spring of 2009.