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Big PHARMA's U.S. Dollar has No Value or business being used within the Senate..

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Its too bad the Republicans "slowed talked" and "slow walked" this entire issue for over 37 weeks with lies and disinformation such as Senators KYL and MCPain. The NO voting Republican Senators protecting the BIG Pharma "no competition allowed" attitude. Not to mention all the lobby money the Republican Senators were receiving as pay offs, Millions per week as the facts show.
Its "poetic justice\' when a spoiled I, me, Mine Senator doesn\'t get his way after being bought off by the self centered big Pharma. Throwing around US dollars that obviously have no value even in buying off The I, me, Mine mindset "No competition allowed" Republicans. Forcing the more intelligent 60 Senators who voted YES like their voting public constituent\'s wanted them to vote. They actually listen to their voters who support them, not how much money they have. It hilarious how the Republicans cant take what they dish out. Besides what’s wrong with bringing money home to any Senators home state as that’s is what they are there to do.
Also the non thinking with no compassion Republican objectors to this 100 million to Louisiana always want to conveniently forget the tragedies and Slow walking and slow talking with documented slow reaction times combined with a low slow fly over in Air Force One to NOT save people during Katrina. the state of Louisianans deserves 100 to 300 million more than any other state.
Considering how The LIL BUSH Republican party slow talked that entire fiasco did a hell of a Job Brownie. Thank you Senator Landrieu for taking the "Republican bullet" for the American public who really do count, I\'m not talking about counting money. - MAX WOODY MEDIA-OCRE MEDIA MOGUL  

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