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To me, this Arizona immigration law controversy and the U.S. Justice Department lawsuit represent the best chance our side has had to date to inform all Americans of every ethnic, religious and cultural persuasion that a careful, full assessment of our immigration needs must now occur.

The federal government, represented by both parties, has failed us too long because it has been and is now more than ever in the thrall of corporate America. Ike's 1961 warning to us to beware the "military-industrial complex" has effectively removed voting power from average Americans and reduced our republic to an elitist oligarchy.

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The Government is a group of men and women working, at times for us, and at times for their own interests, both in corporate capacity, and in small group capacity, and individually.

Which part of government has failed us?

When a new law is enacted by Congress, did the members of Congress get what they were expecting? When they vote a bill into law, are they later embarrassed that somehow the law wording turned out to be something other than what they had thought it would be?

It's time for Congress to work on their jobs repealing laws rather than making new ones.