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Obama Would Dive For A Swim In Dirty Waters For Political Expediency

I discovered it on August 15, 2010 the day the news broke out. I sent it to the Editor, but the submission format was not working right. I am sending it today hoping it would work. Stephen Lendman discovered it too, and his submission successfully went through. But he was not writing about why the news was fake. I am. 

The breaking news was "Obama takes his daughter for a swim in the toxic waters of the Gulf of Mexico"[headline -- click on thislink: ],to prove to all and sundry that in spite of the contaminating oil spill that could kill, the water is not dangerous.

But just be careful when the fox strikes again to make your head round with what more than meets the eye. The evidence published that the report was true or real, were photographs that White House had released to the Media showing Obama took daughter Sasha for a swim, which was obviously for political expediency because it was a very suspicious publicity right from the beginning of this recent White House zarzuela.

According to media White House kibitzers, "… the Obamas swam off Alligator Point, which is in Saint Andrew Bay, not the Gulf."

Who said a lie is a lie? Not until somebody finds out about it. When I stumbled on it, the discovery was so ridiculous it may not even be classified as culpably fraudulent by underground standard. The political trickery was just hilariously juvenile.

However, the damning part of this unflattering media perjury is that this president would go to the extent of risking his family to dangers to look believable. The compelling reason behind the charade is that everybody but his coterie of bootlickers, who worship the ground his feet tread on for their own self-interest, no longer believes what he says or speechifies in public. Several fork-tongue sorties in front of national televisions -- this infamous double-talk roadside entertainment addiction that still continues to unravel from this day onward -- are doing damage to this president’s image, and in the days ahead will do more injury not only to his reputation but also to the country because he could not control or stop himself from contaminating the air with toxic propaganda. It is an obsession similar to Hitler’s oratorical compulsion to beatify the Third Reich -- the dictator’s known public-speaking madness that brainwashed the entire population of Germany to support his dream to become the world’s self-anointed ruler.

Like Obama whose dream is to change America and the world according to what he sees in his dream, Hitler’s only ultimate excuse in believing that Germany was the only nation of destiny on earth chosen by God to lead the world, was actually his personal ambition to create and propagate the Aryan Race in a new world where the colors of the hairs of the "Super Race" are that of Platinum for the Masters, and Honey-Blond for the serfs or "servers" of the new human race. All others were to be eliminated -- that inferior human specie. Historical accounts of this experiment, especially reports of laboratory experimentations of humans, particularly Jews used as guinea pigs, were published and read by millions all over the world right after the end of WWII.

Right now, Obama is conducting a similar experiment -- turning the country into a nation of Islam. It is public knowledge that Obama’s childhood upbringing as a Muslim in Indonesia leaves no room for doubt that as president he believes Islam, not Christianity, is good for America.

These Obama experiments for change are systemically done in the name of Freedom. Stupendously desirous of being called the champion of civil rights, President Obama had already given captured Islamic terrorists the right to trial in civilian courts, which is equal to the constitutional rights of Americans they killed.

Encouraging and supporting the constructions of Muslim mosques within and around New York is also one of the most egregious experiments Obama is currently conducting in the name of religious freedom. Think of New York as a Muslim sacred place as London has been and still is where Al Qaeda bombers and their planted operatives within, celebrate the victory of their campaign for terror every year, like commemorating the anniversary of 911 with rowdy public demonstrations, street parades and hostile assembly marked with inflammable Jihad speeches, as well as fireworks that rival the 4th of July Independence Day celebration.

The president’s nerve-wracking public declaration, videotaped and publicly circulated where he said he would take the side where the cause of Muslims lies, especially that of Arab-American immigrants when the political wind changes and he is forced to make a choice, is self-evident that under his administration, Muslim terrorists and civilians have inalienable rights and for political purposes are created equal.

He would talk the talk rather than confront terrorists, boasting with a somewhat silly assurance to the American public that the war on terror can only be won not in battle but in the negotiating table. Well, there are wars that can neither be won in battle nor in diplomacy. Take the war on terror between Israelis and Palestinians. Since time immemorial, the war is always parleyed on the negotiating table and at the same time fought in the battlefield without boundary. It became an essential part of life that without kidnapping and shooting for breakfast and bombing for dinner served twenty-four hours a day, the warring protagonists from both sides would starve for action and excitement and would certainly die of inanity and boredom.

After this quick family trip to the Gulf Coast, Obama should fly to Teheran and put his life where his mouth is … negotiate a peace settlement or treaty with Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Terror of Iran who, once in possession of nuclear bombs which Iran is currently producing, would wipe Israel off the map.

Obama should bring his children and family with him to Iran, like when he brought them to the Gulf Coast for a swim in the gulf to assure the American public that the poisoned water there was safe.

In Teheran, he would see for himself if the Terror of Iran would put his arms around him as a visiting Muslim brother, hug and kiss his wife and children with a customary Western welcome embrace. If he and his family survive this extraordinary presidential visit to the lion’s lair to talk about peace, he can proceed to Afghanistan and repeat the peace negotiation process by sitting across the table face-to-face with the fierce-looking leaders of those invisible Taliban mountain cutthroats.

If Obama would dare perform this mind-boggling feat and not just talk and talk about his doctrinal philosophy that the war on terror should be and could be won not in battlefield but in the negotiating table, the Media would go crazy in declaring him the world’s prince of peace. However, his determination to negotiate peace with the Terror of Iran who vowed to erase Israel from the map at any opportune time, and declaring in public that diplomacy is also the language of religiously fanatic assassins who believe that to kill Americans is a gate pass to heaven, are propaganda sound bytes in the air played by Obama and his liberal entourage over and over again like a grinding broken record.

If Obama really honestly believe that it is possible to conclude peace through diplomatic negotiations with Jihad terrorists the likes of reclusive and belligerent Kim Jong II of North Korea and Ahmadinejad known as the Terror of Iran arrogantly defying the world for his nuclear threat to wipe out Israel anytime of the day, he has to prove it. And if this is not possible, he has to disprove it.

He had already proven that he and his daughter Sasha would jump into the poisoned water of the Gulf of Mexico if only to assure Americans that there was nothing to fear except fear itself. Risking himself and his family by jumping, this time not into the dangerously polluted water of the Gulf of Mexico but into the snake pit of terror where Jong II and Ahmadinejad and their assassins lay in wait, would assure Americans that negotiating for peace with die-hard terrorists is all right and that he could end the war on terror in hell’s way. He may fake his way through it like what happened in the Gulf Coast, but the idea or principle remains the same – he is a politically correct politician through and through and he may be dead, but he is a hero. It does not even matter if to be a hero the country would go down the drain.

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