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Peak oil is a lie?

Dear Freedom's Phoenix:

May I please submit that "peak oil",  the world is running out of it is a big  fat lie on the propagandic level of Reefer Madness.. The 1st link is rather long & in 2 parts.. The 'good part' is about halfway down the article. 

Here is a rather long article. Lots of links.

From the Daily Kos.

One more-

 You will some repetition of the facts in the articles. Hope this wakes up some folks. I know there is some debate over the issue...well, look for yourself & "Question with boldness!" :-)


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Heating the frozen head of energy liars?

Sam, these evidences you presented against liars of energy shortage are like tons of rocks falling on the head of energy whiners! You are waking up end-of-the-world-due-to-population-explosion "panic freaks" from their ignorant stupor!

Are you defrosting Frosty’s mind frozen by lack of heating energy or cooking him on his own oil, which one? Every time he writes about exponentially growing population in relation to immigration and the reservoir of disappearing energy humans consumed, in spite of infinite resources from the Sun and unlimited reserves beneath the earth, readers picture him like he is riding his old 1960 motorized bicycle that gets stuck in the middle of the road – always short of numbers in arithmetic he teaches in kindergarten, always short of breath of wisdom, and always running out of gas!