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Letters to the Editor • 911 / World Trade Center

9-11 Truth action Sunday

9-11 TRUTHERS  wanted this Sunday, 9-11-11, for a 10th Anniversary of 9-11 Truth "street action":

Tempe Beach Park, Tempe Towne Lake.  9am - dark!!  Come when you can.
Just west of the the of Mill Ave Bridges, on the north side of the Rio Salado Parkway.  

Look for the 3,000 US flags ("Healing Field"!)   at Tempe  Beach Park.  That's where we'll be, right by the 3K flags.

Parking may be a problem.  Try to car pool, & drop off passengers, signs & supplies, at the "Bus Stop",  on the north side of the  Rio Salado Pkwy, just after it makes takes a curve to the west, from downtown Tempe,
near  the Tempe Pedestrian & Rail Bridges.  You may have to go South in Old Town, to some streets down by the  RR tracks to find parking.   It' life.  

Important Notices:

1.  Other truther groups, who already have something working are welcome.   Perhaps the synergy will produce an amazing event(s). 

2.  My email is  but at this late date the phone is best:  480-250-8182.

3.  Don't forget to bring:  "Truth" signs, WATER!!  (Soda's a killer).  Friends!!
Hats/umbrellas/bandanas for shade; sun screen, light weight folding chairs, food that won't melt (e.g. popcorn, nuts, dried fruit);  "doggy bags" & a bowl if you bring your dog; More WATER!!  Ice & Ice chests.

4.  Just come when you can.  If you can't be there at 9am, no biggie.  Just come out later.  We'll prob'ly be there for many hours, & then possibly head to another pro-war, "support the troops" rally.   So even if you can't "get away" until 2 or 3 pm, come out anyway.   We don't expect anyone to be there all day.   Come when you can;  leave when you have to.  Even if you show up a little late in the afternoon, & most of the faithful have moved on to the next venue, or simply gone home, you can have an impact,
just being there.   And if you want, you can go join the crowd at the next gig, if convenient for you.

5.  As a little reward, I thought I had a Sunday night pool party lined up, for the faithful who show up & do something, but that may be in jeapordy at this time.  I'm still working on it.  Don't count on it;  Details of party venue will be disclosed to those who show up;  if it happens at all.


Please just come out, even if you don't have a sign & "never do this kind of thing"!!

America needs you!  And we always need extra bodies to just:
1.  Carry spare gear, e.g. water, ice, coolers, hats, cameras, "loud speakers", ...

2.  Hold up some simple signs.

3.  Shuttle in food, etc., scope out friendly restrooms.

4.  Provide security for our crew;  e.g. "SIR!!  PLEASE STAND BACK from our
camera/sign/associate."  I volunteer for that job, but I need help. 

We plan on a peaceful demonstration, although it may "get vocal".   Even if you don't usually "get involved", please come out anyway, & be a witness. 

We have to do this.   As Gloria Steinham said in 1971, ".... we've been docile for far too long.  The time for reform is over.   We need a
revolution!"   I just hope it's a peaceful one, by & large.

You've got the rest of your life to watch football.  Please come out & help.
America needs you something ferocious   

For starters, please blast/forward this notice to some friends, especially in AZ.   But elsewhere also;  perhaps some folks in the rest of the country will mobilize also.

Please just show up, & try to bring extra signs.  

I'd really like to hear from hard core "truthers", attorneys, fighters & free speech advocates. 

Please don't party too hard Saturday night;  please have a clear & cool head Sunday.  
If you can help in any manner mentioned, please reach me ASAP, at my cel:  480-250-8182.

Thanks,     Pat Schwind, MBA


PS:  Bring Friends, Signs, Ice, Hats, Water!!