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Letters to the Editor • Whistleblowers

Melissa Clark


I suppose you believed the lies. They seem so simple, don't they. However, you of all people I thought we be a little more informed on how corrupt the government really is. I have never done anything on my own. I am sure what you were told was called the "truth while lying to you".They train for that stuff. They forget to mention the behavior modification also manipulation by "handlers", my husband of ten years of a relationship I thought was real. I guess they also forgot to mention the implants effects on mood.Or maybe they wanted me to tell you this all along, but I swear to you as a person that literally can not lie, no matter what all you've been told. I will win! I will expose this corruption and if you are really dumb enough to believe them, you should not even have this website, COMPANY MAN! Maybe you should try gardening. Well, that's a little rough, but instead of just going along or jumping at the bit so easily, you should probably investigate or just read my page. Look at the pictures, read the proof from others. Sit down and imagine the corruption at a level that even you went the wrong way. I still thank you, no matter what my site means to them, it helped Melissa show the actual truth. As I think about maybe I was not clear enough to get the message across, but it is so scary to even tell the truth, I told what I knew enough to grab the attention of millions of people. Don't be brainwashed, we have more than enough of those people already. I know you. I am good at that a side effect of my situation. You got a brain, USE IT! You want to know how I really end all my letters, and I actually mean it..............................................Peace and Love,

                                                Melissa Collins.

P.S. I hope you get the name end, it is who I really am, inside.