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Immigration & Population Lies That Our World Will End Should Be Exposed

This recycled calumny needs to be exposed to public viewing.

To protect our reading public, this immigration and population misrepresentation and disinformation have to be uncovered and the truth revealed. Targets of the truth campaign are recycled articles on this subject, but we single out for this first blast the one that appeared on this site: PART 31: OVERPOPULATION IN 21ST CENTURY AMERICA—END OF ONE ERA, START ANOTHER. Connecting The Dots: 10-29-2010, Frosty WooldridgeMore About: Environment.

First, notice that in previous similar articles, what was stated was the "end of the world" … now it was toned down to just the "end of one era …" It was regurgitated down to the end of an era only because for the author to say that immigration or overpopulation would end the world, hardly would anyone believe this poorly written deception. In other words, the lie is too far removed from reality to be believable.

The author started this article with a citation of population scarecrows – Richard Heinberg and Walter Youngguist. Heinberg laments that the Denmark conference on some identified critical problems of the world ignored the subject of "human overpopulation".

My editorial reaction to this is – ignore? Why not? There are more serious problems that the meeting had to tackle, and certainly "overpopulation" was not one of them. Besides, there is no country in the world that disappeared from the map because of "overpopulation" problem! The Denmark conference was right and should not be distracted by the airing of radical bucket-kicking only to lose the focus on urgent priorities outlined in the conferees’ agenda.

On the other hand, Youngguist freaks out with the end of civilization due to what he believes as "shortage of energy."

He said: "As we both know there is no way that alternative energy sources can supply the amount of per capita energy we enjoy now, much less for the 9 billion expected by 2050."

This is a damn lie.

It is a reckless authorship of a clearly dishonest opinion, even though it is just a writer’s personal view. An opinion-maker is irresponsible when a lie is written. Youngguist should have written his piece on non-renewable energy, i.e. fossil, etc. to conclude that the sources are limited. But he was not. He was referring to "alternative energy sources" that could be categorized as renewable.

Notice carefully: As contradistinguished from non-renewable energy, renewable energy is "energy which comes from natural resources such as sunlight, wind, rain, tides, and geothermal heat, which are renewable (naturally replenished)." [1]

Therefore, needless for me to say – and these jump out of published literatures for truthful, not lying, hasty and sloppy writers not to notice – for as long as the sun shines [will the sun burn out soon, if so, when?] and the wind blows [can we consume the wind and soon there will be no more wind?], and if there are rivers and waterfalls, and the sky has clouds and rains are falling, for as long as the ocean does not run out of waves [will the waves stop?], and for as long as there are tides, and geothermal energy heats up from underneath the earth, and anything grows on land and in the sea, etc., it is so ridiculous to say that "there is no way that alternative energy sources can supply the amount of per capita energy we enjoy now…". It is just a super damn lie that insults the intelligence of the reading public.

Are we talking of the same animal here? This "natural" supply of renewable energy from those sources shown only as the tip of the iceberg is inexhaustible --even if it is true that there are ten billion or more humans living on this planet! These are used as fast as they are consumed, and continuously replenished. For how long …in perpetuity or in literature’s poetic expression of time and space, throughout eternity. [1]

Let’s pick up some more lies, mendacity, fabrication, deception and very poor thinking that mocks reality in the real world, from this above-named overpopulation-fear-mongering article. It says: "Once people start starving or lack water, they revert to their ‘animal’ roots, their animal proclivities and their animal natures. What might that be you ask?  Simple: tribes, bandits, violence, fight, and flight! Anyone reading this series will nod their heads in agreement."

These statements are not only misleading but also narrow-minded and worst of all -- false. First, lack of water is unlikely. Over 70% of Earth is covered with water. It is also part of the human body [think of six billion bodies on the planet]; it is an important component of any living thing, even of some inorganic matters or inanimate objects such as the Great Glaciers of Northern Alaska, the icy North Pole or the uninhabited continent of snow-covered Antarctica [14,000,000 sq km] that’s larger than Europe [9,940,000 sq km]. [2]

Second, not to speak of the world’s vast oceans, this water recycles endlessly. [3] It goes up to the atmosphere and then returns to where it came from, then rises again as moisture or H2O in the air; it is the most abundant compound on earth’s surface that exists in liquid, solid, and gaseous states or form. It does not matter how it is used or consumed. Due to the nature of its use, it can take any form and recycles endlessly. [4]

Ergo, if there will be "lack of water", you can be 100% sure that it is not due to the immigration or overpopulation problem that author Frosty is frostituting about [this mendacity of attribution to water as a scarce commodity for human consumption is so infantile and stupendously hilarious]. Starving, which would make people revert to their animalistic behavior thereby causing acts of violence, mayhem, madness, destruction and human self-annihilation, among others, could be triggered by so many causes.

Ransack any public record hidden from public view if you can, and you will find to your dismay that when the community starves, it is not because of immigration or procreation gone wild. It could be that the people have voted to office a dictator like Hitler whose childhood dream was to starve Jews to death for his personal satisfaction or sadistic form of enjoyment. There are more of "it could be that because you … etc. etc.", which explains this phenomenon. Because Mr. Smith had starved himself to death does not mean that before he died of hunger he has to go crazy, then killed and destroyed properties, simply because of immigration or due to the exponential increase of population on earth. That certainly sounds crazy if not an abuse of human intelligence.

The article concluded with this line: Anyone reading this series will nod their heads in agreement." No, no sir … quite the contrary. Anyone reading this written hallucination could in fact empathize the predicament of the author who could by the looks of it probably be losing his mind. It is not the readers’ fault if what they are reading leaves a lasting bad impression of the writer.

As scrutinized using an editorial scalpel to expose a litany of lies in this article, learned readers who because of their flamboyance and high spirit of tolerance are not offended at all and therefore have no threatening dagger hidden in their heart, will just probably laugh it off in total disagreement and call it a day.

Some may ask the owner of this website – and some of them did -- "to filter" any delirious author of this kind in order to prevent any injury caused by abuse of the intelligence of the reading public, not just to avert a psychological harm caused by boredom.