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Letters to the Editor • Politics: General Activism

(OOPS - Do Over) We will not COMPLY!

In the absence of any ability on the part of the congress people or the administration  to understand that they are restrained  by natural law as defined in the Constitution, and seeing as they are much more motivated to serve their masters than to serve the people, I feel we need to stop arguing with them, stop educating them on how to do their job and explaining to them that the law does not permit them to make decisions infringing on our liberties, that our bodies are our own, that our pursuit of happiness outweighs their greed for power, and they have no authority to violate our constitutional rights by imposing compulsory vaccinations, among many other things, and we stand in million part harmony , a single voice, a simple message, clear, concise and unmistakable, WE WILL NOT COMPLY!