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Letters to the Editor • Racism

Counterpoint: "Oh Come On Now"

Your diatribe deserves to be torn apart line-by-line.

Government is always the enemy? When the bigots come for your gay children- as has happened before, it will be government protecting them.

It's been proven time and time again that when the government is empowered to do anything above and beyond protecting the individual's liberty that said government becomes destructive to liberty and freedom. From the recent hangings of young Iranian gays to Hitler's concentration camps; from the US Federal government interfering in consensual contracts (defense of marriage act), to the Stonewall raids in New York City, government has CONSISTENTLY been the enemy of the GLTBQ community.

I'll do my own "defending," thank you very much...

To deny the voice of government is to DENY THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and to refute the founding fathers.

And your point is? The CONstitution is all about the powers of government. The Bill of Rights and the spirit of the Declaration of Independence were about the powers of the people to be free from oppressive government.

In addition, when the oppressive government (Supreme court) has the power to declare anything "Constitutional," such as they did with slavery, the inherent flaw in central governance becomes clear.

It is sedition. To criticize the government is essential: to repudiate it is repugnant.

The founders made it clear that an oppressive government not only needs to be repudiated, but eliminated and replaced entirely. Our founding is based on repudiation.

When your family member develops one of the many ways to fall ill, it will be government that made sure they had coverage.

Not quite. It's been the "government" though incessant licensing, usurpation, and interference with doctors that caused health care prices to rise to the point to create the government-insurance complex. I don't want government to "heal" me, I want to be able to exchange goods and services without a coercive, third party element telling me what treatment I can or cannot have. See also: marijuana prohibition.

Your argument defending the concept of "acceptable racism" is laughable. It WAS government that came around with progressive thinking and struck down slavery. Ever read a history book? Only the Texan revisions?

No one that I've seen posting here has argued for "acceptable racism," and such a concept cannot exist within libertarian philosophy. The US Government was such a monumental FAILURE when it came to "racism" (and other issues) that we are one of the only nations on the planet that had to go to a civil war to resolve such issues.

Our military is our government.

No. It's not.

Are you anti-military? You dishonor any soldier who ever served this country by claiming they were in service of a junta, not a legitimate government "by the people (voting) for the people" Oh, wait, the stolen elections of George W. Bush. There's THAT! Please reject this regressive mindset: it paints you as a racist rube. Your diatribe is inauthentic.

I'm still not sure who you're addressing. Oh, and by "voting" you lend your nod of approval and legitimacy towards the very "government" that couldn't even manage its own election properly (by your own admission), and THESE are the people that are supposed to "protect" us?! Seriously?

Your precious government has given us a military that disproportionately sends blacks and Hispanics to their deaths in Iraq and Afghanistan. Your precious government gives us a prison system that likes to lock those same people up at rates THREE TIMES HIGHER than whites. Your precious government wages a vicious war on drugs that threatens the few remnants of rights we have left. And your precious government still bans gays from their God-given right of being able to enter into a contract with a fellow human being of the same sex.

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Comment by Forty Four O Nine
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Someone just got completely and utterly owned...LMAO

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