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I just don't understand this

 I have a question for Ernest Hancock.

Why is it that every time there is an article about Israel(and yes I say Israel not USrael) there is always at least one person saying we should pull out of Iraq and Afghanistan so that we may invade Israel? Why is there always someone calling for an invasion of Israel and thus calling for another war? I thought libertarians hated war but apparently the war to hate was a libertarian and we should embrace causing actual violence. I cite as examples of "war and fear mongering":

From:Israel's Permanent War on Palestine 

Comment by: Kosher Tax (#29609) 
   Entered on: 2010-05-30 02:57:16

"American food companies are forced to pay multi-billions of dollars to several Orthodox Jewish organizations, just so an estimated 10% to 20% of Jewry, (or 800,000 to no more than 1.2 million Orthodox Jews), will buy their products. Please bear in mind that this is a country of 270 million people, and we are all forced to pay this Kosher Tax, just to appease LESS THAN ONE PERCENT OF THE POPULATION!" (http://www.radioislam.org/judaism/kosher.htm)

(this one is a load of bull that tax is fake the symbols mean the food is kosher)

From:Israel raids humanitarian flotilla (graphic video) 

Comment by: War on terror (#29631)
   Entered on: 2010-05-31 17:02:14

Mr. Obama, how much longer do you want to wait to declare war on the Israeli terrorists?

(Asking for an invasion)

Comment by: war on Israel (#29641)
   Entered on: 2010-06-01 09:02:07

I really do not understand why the US-American soldiers do not just leave Afghanistan and Irak and invade Israel instead of it. Then we would not call these American soldiers murderers anymore, we would call them heroes! Where are the American heroes nowadays? Are you all became cowards, serving the bloodthirsty evil Zionists?

(outright asking for a war with Israel)

Beginning here is a collection of comments from one article.Read Full Story

Comment by: Ask a question (#29394)
   Entered on: 2010-05-10 10:34:00

Please, can someone tell me where and how to get a government licensee as an Anti-semit and Nazi? I would like to get this greatest award in the world for the most enlightened and lovely people too. Hahahahihihihohoho

(In response to me calling these guys nazis, led to a massive flame war, which can be found at http://www.freedomsphoenix.com/News/068574-2010-05-08-a-generals-revolt-against-zionist-domination-of-us-policy-is.htm)

During this flame war this guy started being a real jackass and did things like this:

Comment by: Mexican American (#29523)
   Entered on: 2010-05-21 04:01:45

The Zionists have stolen our liberty and property in Mexico and America by cheating, tricking and abusing us. This is clearly a declaration of war against all the good people all around the world! And besides of this they want to create a tribe and religion based World War III. Then the so called Goyim (the non-Jews) will kill each other and then the Zionists will laugh about us. This won’t work out anymore. It is enough that the Zionists created World War I and World War II. Stop them creating World War III by attacking Iran! People united to stop the bloodthirsty Zionists. Visit the website www.wake-up-america.com.

Comment by: African American (#29525) 
   Entered on: 2010-05-21 04:21:14

I do not believe one single word this Israel-worshipping Zionist is telling us. Everybody knows that the Zionists are always lying, cheating and abusing us. And who made the most profit by the slave trade? Just make your own resurch about the role of the Jews in the slave trade! “There were numerous Jewish slave ships that sailed the Atlantic and Caribbean. Jews were heavily involved in slavery since its beginning. “ (http://www.wake-up-america.net/slave_ships_of_the_jews.htm)

 Comment by: African American (#29526) 
   Entered on: 2010-05-21 04:52:22

Stop spreading out your racist propaganda against the lovely white people, Concerned Zionist! We know the Zionazis want us to have a civil war in the US, with the African Americans and the Mexican Americans against the European Americans. But we won’t fallow you, racist Zionist! You just want that we are all killing each other and then you can take over everything. We are not as stupid to fallow the racist Zionazis! Freedom for the people – bound Israel!

Comment by: Persian American (#29527) 
   Entered on: 2010-05-21 04:58:15

It is time for the US to make a coalition with the great Persians and invade Nazisrael! (Again calling for war with Israel)

Now I know a thing or two about trolling ive read up on how to do it(turns out i was way off course here) but these guys or maybe its just one person are not trolling because a troll would not say things like this on this website a troll would say something like "Israel is the greatest country on Earth and can do no wrong". That is trolling but this, this is something else. These people reqally do not like Israel and I want to know if you all feel this way.

(Note: During that little what could be called a flame war I said some things, funny things but racial things, white jokes is what they were but they started it. Also some of the comments were removed from that article which is why in some instances i am responding to nothing.)

3 Comments in Response to

Comment by Concerned Patriot
Entered on:

 Wait a minute..

Powell was that a dig at Concerned Patriot?

About my trolling being amusing, abusive, sad and pathetic? Are you sir implying those were all me or something? Im kind of paranoid so it looks like you were talking about me there, If you were how dare you if not then never mind.

Comment by Concerned Zionist
Entered on:

 I guess you are right about the censorship thing. Anyway I think Concerned Zionist might become a new thing for me i can really troll like this talking about Isreal being awesome and all that. Yes I think i will take on this new persona I am Concerned Zionist not to be confused with Concerned Patriot, I am a defender of Israel and will gladly add fuel to any fire that Concerned Patriot starts.

Comment by Powell Gammill
Entered on:

Because they are all from the same little troll with so much time on their hands they sign in under a new name to post. Amusing, abusive, sad and pathetic, but heck it is their prerogative on FP.  What are we suppose to censor now?  And by whose criterion?

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