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Letters to the Editor • Gun Rights

RE: Selling the message

The "war on drugs" is the "War on Freedom".  The second amendment is not about who can have a gun, but about the right to self defense.  Read "The Law" by Bastiat,  it all begins with self defense.  "Gun Free Zones" are "Self Defense Prohibited Zones"

Editors Reply

yup...though I might state it as "the Right and means to respond to the initiation of force with in kind force."

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Comment by PureTrust
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Ernie, I would suggest that we don't know if the guy is multitasking, sitting there the way he is, with his arms all propped up. Now if he were walking at the same time, we could be reasonably sure that he was multitasking.

And we don't know about ambidextrous, either. If we could see him switch hands with the bottle and the pistol, it might give us a better idea. I mean, you could just flip the picture around so we could see it backwards. Please don't ask him to keep the exact same pose while switching the bottle and the gun between hands.

Comment by Ernest Hancock
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I guess you are free to lounge in your living room with a beer and your finger on the trigger of a .45... at least you're not pointing it at the cameraman.

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